Open source API-compatible alternative to the text editor Sublime Text
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Ace26,07110816 hours ago1March 26, 2016155otherJavaScript
Ace ( Cloud9 Editor)
3 years ago21bsd-2-clause
Open source API-compatible alternative to the text editor Sublime Text
Awesome Devenv2,642
a month ago24
A curated list of awesome tools, resources and workflow tips making an awesome development environment.
2 years ago28otherJavaScript
A sublime text editor for Chrome OS
Editorconfig Sublime1,758
23 days ago9mitPython
Sublime Text plugin for EditorConfig - Helps developers maintain consistent coding styles between different editors
Syntect1,70510618910 days ago47July 31, 202352mitRust
Rust library for syntax highlighting using Sublime Text syntax definitions.
Parinfer1,6783110a year ago48January 14, 201820mitJavaScript
Let's simplify the way we write Lisp
Esformatter9521,3873314 years ago49March 17, 202063mitJavaScript
ECMAScript code beautifier/formatter
Text Pastry810
a year ago1mitPython
Extend the power of multiple selections in Sublime Text. Modify selections, insert numeric sequences, incremental numbers, generate uuids, date ranges, insert continuously from a word list and more.
9 months ago141
Repository for Wallaby.js questions and issues
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Welcome to the meta project for Lime.

For the backend, please see limetext/lime-backend.

There are also three frontends currently in development: limetext/lime-qml, limetext/lime-termbox, and limetext/lime-html.


The frontends are not ready to replace your favourite editor, but the backend isn't too far away.

If you want to help us build Lime, great! We'd love your help. See here for how you could be most useful.

This project is not yet ready for daily use, and we currently lack the resources to support users. If you need help building, running, or otherwise using Lime, try the wiki or your favorite search engine. If you still need help, consider opening an issue in limetext/support. Issues opened in this project that don't relate to bugs or improvements will be closed.

Your help is needed to move the project forward! Claim an issue and submit a pull request!

What is Lime?

I love the Sublime Text editor. I have created several plugins to make it even better. One thing that scares me though is that it is not open sourced and the pace of nightly releases have recently been anything but nightly, even now that version 3 is out in Beta.

There was a period of about 6 months after the Sublime Text 2 "stable" version was released where pretty much nothing at all was communicated to the users about what to expect in the future, nor was there much support offered in the forums. People including myself were wondering if the product was dead and I personally wondered what would happen to all the bugs, crashes and annoyances that still existed in ST2. This lack of communication is a dealbreaker to me and I decided that I will not spend any more money on that product because of it.

As none of the other text editors I've tried come close to the love I had for Sublime Text, I decided I had to create my own.

-- @quarnster

Why API compatibility?

Sublime Text has a good plugin architecture and a large collection of existing plugins created for it. We want users to be able to take advantage of these extensions without requiring developers to support multiple APIs.


Please refer to the Goals page in the wiki.

Build instructions

Please refer to the Building page in the wiki.


Want to help build Lime? Awesome! We are always thrilled to receive pull requests, and do our best to process them as fast as possible. Not sure if that typo is worth a pull request? Do it! We will appreciate it.

If your pull request is not accepted on the first try, don't be discouraged! If there's a problem with the implementation, hopefully you received feedback on what to improve.

Where is a good place to start? The Contributing page in the wiki has some suggestions. Think the wiki needs clarifying, or something is missing? Go ahead and make the change.

Guidelines for making contributions can be found in

Want to chat? Find us on Gitter.


The license of the project is the 2-clause BSD license.

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