Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


Here you will find some Web Designing Projects written in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and Backend as Python, MongoDB.


           This project is build up using HTML,CSS,JS and JQuery.
           In this game you have to guess the color by using its HexCode.
           It will provide you some colorbox and you have to select which color is correct.
           And if answer is wrong restart the game and play again.
           It has Easy as well as Hard levels.
           Play it once and I guarantee you'll play more and more.

Drum_Kit :

          This is a project build up by using HTML,CSS and JS .
          If you're a music lover then this is absolutely for you.
          Detailed description is added inside the Directory.


                  This is project based on Quiz and is made through using HTML,CSS,JS,Flask,Python.
                  VS Code is used as editor here.
                  In this FlaskQuizProject you'll be given some questions and you have to guess the correct one.
                  And if answer is wrong restart the quiz and play again.


             This project contain HTML,JS and JQuery.
             It is used to keep the score of two player.
             Simple to use and very flexible.
             It has reset option too, if there is a biased game then one can reset the game.


          This project conatins HTML,CSS,JS and JQuery.
          This is a very useful project in today's busy schedule.
          You can easily make a to do list of a day and delete the task if you have completed .
          Just click on the task and you'll get a delete option,click on it and you're task will removed from there.
          Just try it once and see the productiveness in your day.
Thanks and Regards

Deepali Verma

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