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Mass Vulnerability Scanner


masscan is fast, nmap can fingerprint software and vulners is a huge vulnerability database. Silver is a front-end that allows complete utilization of these programs by parsing data, spawning parallel processes, caching vulnerability data for faster scanning over time and much more.



  • Resumable scanning
  • Slack notifcations
  • Multi-core utilization
  • Supports: IPs, CIDR & hostnames
  • Vulnerability data caching
  • Shodan integration


External Programs

Python libraries

  • psutil
  • requests

Required Python libraries can be installed by executing sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt in Silver directory.

Setting up Slack notifications

  • Create a workspace on slack, here
  • Create an app, here
  • Enable WebHooks from the app and copy the URL from there to Silver's /core/ file.


Before you start

⚠️ Run Silver as root and with python3 i.e. with sudo python3 <your input>. The python libraries need to be installed as root too.

⚠️ Silver scans all TCP ports by default i.e. ports 0-65535. Use --quick switch to only scan top ~1000 ports.

Scan host(s) from command line


Use Shodan

Shodan can provide open ports, service information and CVEs from the data collected during its contiunous internet wide scanning. I think this is the best choice for quickly checking top ~1500 ports. Not using it makes sense when:

  • You want to scan all the ports instead of the most common ones
  • You are not okay with the scan results being 2-3 days old
  • The IP you want to scan has been excluded by Shodan by a request of the owner
python3 --shodan

Scan top ~1000 ports

python3 --quick

Scan specific ports

python3 -p80,443

Scan hosts from a file

python3 -i /path/to/targets.txt

Save JSON output to a file

Default: result-<ip_here>.json

python3 -o my_target.json

Note: The output is saved regardless of using this option. It only exists to choose a specific name for the file instead of the autogenerated one.

Set max number of parallel nmap instances

Default: number_of_cores

python3 -i /path/to/targets.txt -t 4

Choose packets to be sent per seconds

Default: 10000

python3 --rate 1000


You can contribute to this project by providing suggestions, reporting sensible issues and spreading the word. Pull requessts for the following will not be accepted:

  • Typos
  • coDe qUaLiTY
  • Docker and .gitignore file

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