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The Top 27 Shodan Open Source Projects

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Xray ⭐1,300
XRay is a tool for recon, mapping and OSINT gathering from public networks.
Awesome Shodan Queries ⭐773
πŸ” A collection of interesting, funny, and depressing search queries to plug into πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»
Infoga ⭐554
Infoga - Email OSINT
My Shodan Scripts ⭐380
Collection of Scripts for shodan searching stuff.
Fav Up ⭐374
IP lookup from favicon using Shodan
Gosint ⭐327
OSINT Swiss Army Knife
Badkarma ⭐305
network reconnaissance toolkit
Urlextractor ⭐294
Information gathering & website reconnaissance |
Bluebox Ng ⭐250
Pentesting framework using Node.js powers, focused in VoIP.
Cloudbunny ⭐247
CloudBunny is a tool to capture the real IP of the server that uses a WAF as a proxy or protection. In this tool we used three search engines to search domain information: Shodan, Censys and Zoomeye.
Threatpinchlookup ⭐220
Documentation and Sharing Repository for ThreatPinch Lookup Chrome & Firefox Extension
Shodansploit ⭐217
πŸ”Ž shodansploit > v1.2.0
Djangohunter ⭐195
Tool designed to help identify incorrectly configured Django applications that are exposing sensitive information.
Bamf ⭐191
BAMF (Backdoor Access Machine Farmer)
Billcipher ⭐168
Information Gathering tool for a Website or IP address
Shodanwave ⭐162
Shodanwave is a tool for exploring and obtaining information from Netwave IP Camera.
Expcamera ⭐152
Exploit Netwave and GoAhead IP Camera
Reconspider ⭐150
πŸ”Ž Most Advanced Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Framework for scanning IP Address, Emails, Websites, Organizations.
Metabigor ⭐132
Command line Search Engines Framework but without API key
Go Shodan ⭐125
Shodan API client
Fireshodanmap ⭐98
FireShodanMap is a Realtime map that integrates Firebase, Google Maps and Shodan. A search is carried out using Shodan searching vulnerable devices and they are showed on the map for analysis. All data updated in Firebase are Realtime.
Ssh_keyscanner ⭐90
ssh public host key scanner using shodan
Tentacle ⭐68
Tentacle is a POC vulnerability verification and exploit framework. It supports free extension of exploits and uses POC scripts. It supports calls to zoomeye, fofa, shodan and other APIs to perform bulk vulnerability verification for multiple targets.
Baf ⭐62
Blind Attacking Framework
Kill Router ⭐54
Ferramenta para quebrar senhas administrativas de roteadores Wireless, routers, switches e outras plataformas de gestão de serviços de rede autenticados.
Shodanz ⭐54
πŸ”­ A modern, async Ruby gem for Shodan, the world's first search engine for Internet-connected devices.
Bugbounty Starter Notes ⭐24
bug bounty hunters starter notes
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