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Source Code From 0 to Spring Security 4.0

Running with Gradle

  1. Ensure you have java installed

  2. cd spring-security-0-to-4.0

  3. Start the application with ./gradlew bootRun or .\gradlew.bat bootRun

Running the sample project in Spring Tool Suite

The following provides information on setting up a development environment that can run the sample in Spring Tool Suite 3.6.0+. Other IDE’s should work using Gradle’s IDE support, but have not been tested.

  • IDE Setup

  • Install Spring Tool Suite 3.6.0+

  • You will need the following plugins installed (can be found on the Extensions Page)

  • Gradle Eclipse

  • Importing the project into Spring Tool Suite

  • File→Import…​→Gradle Project

  • Right click the sample.Application class and select Run As→Java Application

The sample will be available at http://localhost:8080/

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