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Awesome Open Source

Sales Forecast using Machine Learning

A web application to predict the sales of a newly launched product

Libraries Used : scikit-learn Web Framework User : Django

Using the pickle library to load and use pre trained ml models.

How does it look like when you run it?

Main Page


Product Detail Input Page


Prediction Output Page


How to run sales_predit_ml on your Linux/Unix System ?

Clone the repository and get inside sales_forecast_ml
git clone && cd sales_predict_ml
Installing required Python3 libraries
sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt
Make Migrations
python3 makemigrations predict && python3 migrate
Loading the for later use
python3 ml_core/ml_process/
Running the Server
python3 runserver

You should now be able to access the sales_predict_ml web app in localhost:8000 in your browser

How to run sales_predit_ml on your Windows System ?

Install Linux or buy a Mac and revisit

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