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EternalView is an all in one basic information gathering CLI tool made purely in BASH

eternalview in action

EternalView in action


This tool is purely for educational purposes, don't use it on any website without the permission of it's owner. The user is responsible for his/her actions!

Update: GitHub release

Cloudflare detection is live!!!


How to install:

  1. Download
  • clone through termial :
git clone
  1. Run -in terminal
chmod +x


Donate generously! Support


Feature Explanation
Whois Information Prints the whois information of the entered web address
DNS lookup Prints the DNS information and web records
Cloudflare detection Tells whether a particular website is powered by cloudflare
IP locator Prints the geolocation of a web server
HTTP Header analyzer Prints the header information of a website
Robots.txt scanner Scans the robots.txt file of a webpage and prints the unindexed information
Associated Links Prints the list of all accessible pages of a website
NMAP port scanner Performs an extensive port scan on a given website or ip address
Traceroute Prints the route and measures the transit delays of packets across a given web/IP address
Autopwn™ A simple bash based metasploit automation tool! With just a few clicks, own any android or windows device!!

Future updates:

  • Support for windows

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