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Cross platform gRPC client

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  • Automatic parsing of proto definitions to render services and input messages
  • .proto file discovery
  • Selection of multiple services and methods
  • Configuration of TLS, including disabling TLS (plain text)
  • Input generation for all scalar types
  • Input generation for nested messages
  • Input generation for enums, including nested
  • Input generation for repeated fields
  • Input generation for oneof and map fields
  • Support for adding RPC metadata
  • Execute unary requests
  • Execute server streaming requests
  • Execute client streaming requests
  • Execute bidirectional requests
  • Cancel requests in-flight
  • Send EOF for client streaming and bi-directional streaming
  • View response messages
  • View RPC Header and Trailer
  • View full RPC statistics
  • MacOS build
  • Linux build
  • Windows build
  • Reflection API to determine RPC schema
  • Support for Google Well Known Types
  • Create multiple workspaces and workspace switching


Visit the Releases page for the latest downloads.



Download and open Wombat*_Darwin_86_64.dmg, drag to the Applications folder and run from Applications.

Or via Homebrew

$ brew install --cask wombat

If you get this error message: "" can't be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed., Install by Right Click/Option Click -> Open -> Open. You'll only need to do this on first install.


Download and unarchive Wombat*_Linux_86_64.tar.gz and run.

Arch Linux AUR

$ yay -S wombat-bin


Download and unarchive Wombat* and run.

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