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RWTS PDFwriter

© 2016-2022 Rodney I. Yager

An OSX print to pdf-file printer driver

Click to download the installer pkg

About RWTS PDFwriter

RWTS PDFwriter in an OSX 11.0 compatible print driver that enables you to “print” your documents directly to a pdf file. It has similar functionality to CutePDF on Windows.

Installation and Usage Instructions

Download the installer package by clicking on the printer icon above and install as usual. The installer will open the PDFWriter Utility app which lets you create a destination folder for the PDFs you print.

Other users can access this utility to create their own print destination from the Options & Supplies button for the printer in System Preferences > Printers & Scanners

After installation, your new printer will be ready for use.


Simply print your documents using PDFwriter as your printer.

The “printed” PDF files produced will be stored in the directory you created on installation. `

Removal instructions

If you want to uninstall PDFwriter, open the PDFWriter Utility (see above)and click the button to reveal the uninstall script. When you open this script, you will be asked for your administrative password, after which RWTS PDFwriter will be completely removed from your system.

Compiling from sources

In the event that you want to compile your own copy, you can clone this repository.

Use XCode to archive the PDFWriter Utility target. In XCode's organizer, choose to distribute the PDFWriter Utility with Developer ID, and export the Notarized app to the build folder.

Use XCode to archive the pdfwriter target. In XCode's organizer, choose to distribute pdfwriter as Built Products and copy the binary into the build folder.

If anyone can contribute additions to the buildcript to automate the previous two steps, it would be appreciated.

The signed and notarized product installer can then be compiled by executing the script

build/ -s "<Your DeveloperID>" -n "<Your Keychain Profile>"

You can create a "Keychain Profile" by generating an app-specific password at then executing

xcrun altool --username "<Your AppleID>" --password "<Your app-specific password>" --list-providers

to find your WWDRTeamID.

Then execute

xcrun notarytool store-credentials "<Your Keychain Profile>" --apple-id "<Your AppleID>" --team-id "<Your WWDRTeamID>" --password "<Your app-specific password>”

If you have built your own, delete any copies of PDFWriter Utility before running your installer, as otherwise, it will be installed over your existing copy and not in the Utilities folder.

As this project is released under GNU GPL License Version 2, you are welcome to make modifications and improvement and incorporate it in your own software, provided you also release your software under the same licensing system. Read the License for full details.

History and acknowlegements

RWTS PDFwriter is closely based on Lisanet PDFWriter by Simone Karin Lehmann. Lisanet PDFwriter was, in turn, based on CUPS-PDF.

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