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NOTE: this project is only passively maintained since I don't own any LBP printers anymore after moving to another country. Please look at for more actual version. I'm still happy to answer your questions and merge pull requests.

This is a driver for Canon CAPT-based printers (LBP-***) based on several reverse engineering attempts. This is currently in an early alpha stage. Use at your own risk.

Please take a look at INSTALL.git and INSTALL files for installation instructions.

The printer protocol documentation based on reverse engineering is in the SPECS file. This is incomplete and probbaly has many errors. Please help expanding it.

The file "rastertocapt" has to be installed into CUPS manually. If you don't know how to do that, this driver is not for you. :) Automatic installation will not be done until the driver reaches beta stage to avoid misuse.

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