Python Stream Processing
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Faust6,63714165 months ago46February 25, 2020276otherPython
Python Stream Processing
Goka2,2383233 months ago66November 01, 202324bsd-3-clauseGo
Goka is a compact yet powerful distributed stream processing library for Apache Kafka written in Go.
Faust1,330153 months ago212November 29, 2023118otherPython
Python Stream Processing. A Faust fork
4 years agoJuly 30, 201320mitJavaScript
StreamTable.js streams data for tables in the background, updates and renders them using templating frameworks like Mustache.js, HandleBars.js
Dynamodb Cross Region Library267
3 years ago19May 31, 202114apache-2.0Java
A library to facilitate cross-region replication with Amazon DynamoDB Streams.
Kinesis Consumer25811884 months ago15December 04, 202124mitGo
Golang library for consuming Kinesis stream data
Degiro Connector17963 months ago60January 15, 202412bsd-3-clausePython
This is yet another library to access Degiro's API.
Rethinkdb Stream139
9 years agoPython
Proof of concept for streaming binary data using RethinkDB changes
Rimbu111223 months ago36July 29, 20236mitTypeScript
Rimbu is a TypeScript library focused on immutable, performant, and type-safe collections and other tools.
Tabula Sharp10526 months ago7October 19, 20238mitC#
Extract tables from PDF files (port of tabula-java)
Alternatives To Faust
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