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A script that shows messages to the user when the battery is almost empty. I wrote this because I use i3wm, was frustrated by the lack of a nice battery notification, and as a nice exercise in shell scripting.

What it does

This script regularly checks your battery charge and shows you a nice warning in a popup if you are about to completely drain your battery. It improves on other battery warning scripts like this one by:

  • Using a Tk-based popup (if you want) which you can configure to show on all workspaces. i3's nagbar doesn't do that.
  • Or using a nice notify-send desktop notification
  • Using the nagbar if you prefer that - or if you don't have Tk.
  • Optionally playing a sound to warn you when the battery gets low.
  • Doing what you want: you can tell it at which battery percentages you want to be warned. Currently it will try to show you 2 messages before the lower limit is reached.
  • Supporting multiple batteries. My laptop has 2 batteries, for example.

How to use it

  • Download the script and make sure it's on your PATH
  • Call the script in your i3 config file: exec --no-startup-id i3-battery-popup

Installing on Arch Linux

There's now a package on Arch Linux's AUR:

Showing the message everywhere

If you have wish installed this script will show you a popup window. To get wish, you probably need to install tk on your Linux distribution.

The nice thing is that we can make the popup window sticky; that doesn't work with i3-nagbar. To make the popup sticky so it shows everywhere, add this to your i3 config:

for_window [title="Battery Warning"] sticky enable


Desktop notification

Specify -n to use those nice pretty desktop notifications in the top right corner of your screen. I guess it depends on something like libnotify but I'm not really sure. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

screenshot 2


  • -L sets the percentage at which the first popup shows. Default is 10

  • -l : The percentage at which the second popup shows. Default: half of the percentage given by -L

  • -m : The message to show to the User

  • -t : The time interval the script waits before checking the battery again. Give this a value in seconds: 10s, or in minutes: 5m. Default: 5m

  • -n : Use notify-send for desktop notification

  • -i : Specify the icon to use with -n

  • -N : Don't use Tcl/Tk dialog. Use i3-nagbar.

  • -s : Play a sound with paplay when notifying. Takes a path to a sound as argument. The file must exist. Default: no sound.

  • -v : Specifies the percentage of the volume of the sound played with -s option. This value must be an integer greater than 0 and smaller than 100. Default: 100

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