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Short and Sweet, Accessible Character Counter

License: MIT npm version

Tested with VoiceOver (Safari 11) & NVDA (FF 60)

  • Tells user the amount of space left when the field is focussed
  • Updates the user periodically while typing

Play around with the demo

View a video of Short and Sweet with VoiceOver (sound is off)


  • No dependencies
  • Easy setup
  • Accessible

Time to learn ES6?

Short and Sweet is written in ES6.

If you want to learn how to write modern ES6 JavaScript as well, I highly recommend ES6 for Everyone by Wes Bos.


Install from npm:

npm install short-and-sweet --save

Or download dist/short-and-sweet.min.js and include the script on your page like shown below.


Run short-and-sweet like shown below and pass an element reference or a querySelector. For best performance include the script just before the closing </body> element.

<textarea maxlength="200"></textarea>

<script src="short-and-sweet.min.js"></script>
shortAndSweet('textarea', {
  counterClassName: 'my-short-and-sweet-counter'

The following options are available to pass to the shortAndSweet method.

Option Default Description
counterClassName 'short-and-sweet-counter' The classname of the counter element
counterLabel '{remaining} characters left' The text shown in the counter element, placeholders available are {remaining}, {maxlength}, {length}
assistDelay 2000 The time in milliseconds the assist waits before updating the user with the screenreader user with the current count
append (el, counter) => { el.parentNode.appendChild(counter); } The method used to append the element to the DOM


  • Modern browsers
  • VoiceOver + Safari
  • NVDA + Firefox
  • IE 10+


Versioning follows Semver.



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