monolish: MONOlithic LInear equation Solvers for Highly-parallel architecture
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Numerical Linear Algebra9,325
2 months ago11Jupyter Notebook
Free online textbook of Jupyter notebooks for Computational Linear Algebra course
Nalgebra3,2348445226 days ago106July 31, 2022291apache-2.0Rust
Linear algebra library for Rust.
Mathnet Numerics3,1481,3353533 days ago114April 03, 2022276mitC#
Math.NET Numerics
Math Php2,222362221 days ago132April 10, 202251mitPHP
Powerful modern math library for PHP: Features descriptive statistics and regressions; Continuous and discrete probability distributions; Linear algebra with matrices and vectors, Numerical analysis; special mathematical functions; Algebra
Linear Algebra With Python1,846
5 months ago1mitJupyter Notebook
Lecture Notes for Linear Algebra Featuring Python. This series of lecture notes will walk you through all the must-know concepts that set the foundation of data science or advanced quantitative skillsets. Suitable for statistician/econometrician, quantitative analysts, data scientists and etc. to quickly refresh the linear algebra with the assistance of Python computation and visualization.
Blis1,55212 days ago13April 02, 202286otherC
BLAS-like Library Instantiation Software Framework
3 months ago64mitOCaml
Owl - OCaml Scientific Computing @
Cgmath1,0239941838 months ago37January 03, 202162apache-2.0Rust
A linear algebra and mathematics library for computer graphics.
2 years ago25agpl-3.0Rust
NoteCalc is a handy calculator trying to bring the advantages of Soulver to the web.
Faer Rs76048 days ago5December 10, 202211mitRust
Linear algebra foundation for the Rust programming language
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monolish: MONOlithic LInear equation Solvers for Highly-parallel architecture

monolish is a linear equation solver library that monolithically fuses variable data type, matrix structures, matrix data format, vendor specific data transfer APIs, and vendor specific numerical algebra libraries.

monolish let developer forget about:

  • Performance tuning
  • Processor differences which execute library (Intel CPU, NVIDIA GPU, AMD CPU, ARM CPU, NEC SX-Aurora TSUBASA, etc.)
  • Vendor specific data transfer APIs (host RAM to Device RAM)
  • Finding bottlenecks and performance benchmarks
  • The argument data type of matrix/vector operations
  • Matrix structures and storage formats
  • Cumbersome package dependency


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