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OSHMI - Open Substation HMI

A modern SCADA HMI for substations, IoT and other automation applications.

See demo here:

This project exists because we believe that by combining existing open source projects and tools we can create a very capable, mobile and cloud-friendly HMI system that can rival proprietary software. This approach makes it possible to sum the forces of each project (Chromium, SVG/HTML5, PHP, Lua, SQLite, Inkscape, OpenDNP3, Nginx, Vega, PostgreSQL, Grafana,…) to achieve a great set of open, evergreen, modular and customizable tools for building great HMIs for automation projects. If you also believe this is possible, please give OSHMI a try and collaborate with the project!

  • Mobile and Cloud friendly.
  • Created for substation automation and control centers, but can be used for IoT and general SCADA HMI automation applications.
  • JSON over UDP data and control interface for easy integration with IoT devices and other systems.
  • Built with open source, web based technologies and tools: SVG, HTML5, Javascript, PHP, Lua, QT, SQLite, Nginx, Inkscape, Vega.
  • Strong focus on UX and High Performance HMI / ISA101 compatible graphics.
  • Redundant mode of operation, dual server/ ?n? clients. Unlimited points, clients, monitors and viewers.
  • Easy configuration with plain text files.
  • IEC 60870-5-104 (QTester104), DNP3, MODBUS, OPC UA/DA, Siemens S7 and ICCP protocol drivers. Can connect to IEC61850 devices using protocol converters.
  • The client web interface can be accessed by modern IOS, Android devices or by an HTML5 browser.
  • Please notice that OSHMI does NOT function by itself as a protocol gateway!

Some Features:

  • Screen Viewer: full-graphics, vector based, lossless zoom (SVG). Amazing Vega charts engine. Scale great graphics from the cellphone to the video-wall.
  • Events Viewer: millisecond resolution; can operate with field time tags or local time tags; 2 stage acknowledgement/elimination; historical mode.
  • Tabular Viewer: point list shown filtered by substation and bay.
  • Alarms Viewer: displays alarms, with filters by substation and priority.
  • Trend Viewer: follow measurements plot in real time.
  • Curves Viewer: historical measurement plot.
  • Excel Worksheet w/ macros to manage configuration.
  • Recording of historical data to a SQLite database.
  • Integration with MS PowerBI and Tableau using OData and JSON.
  • Lua Scripting language for the server environment. Javascript language for screen (client side) scripts.
  • Automation functions can be implemented in LUA (e.g. substation restoration, tap control).
  • Distinct treatment for digital states, alarms and protection events. Range check for analog values. Calculation of points.
  • Dedicated Shell that can replace the standard Windows Shell and can restrict access only to the HMI functions.
  • Excellent Inkscape-based graphics editor to create SVG graphics with SCADA animations.
  • Use of Desktop Notifications for breaker opening by protection.
  • No need for any browser plugin!

Software languages: english and portuguese. Can be easily translated to other languages (UTF-8 user interface).

Contact me here:

Follow my blog:

See configuration tips on Youtube channel:


Some graphics designed and obtained from Freepik

This is not a toy project! It's been actually used in dozens of substations up to 230kV level and in control centers.

Feel free to ask any question.

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