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CalendarApp is a template repository serving as a starting point for experiments with CalendarKit. It's a sample calendar app for iOS built with CalendarKit and EventKit. It displays events stored in the EKEventStore similarly to the default calendar app.


Getting Started

To run the app, just clone the repository and open Calendar.xcodeproj. If you'd like to edit the code, press "Use this template" to copy this repository to your GitHub account and keep your changes.

Need Help?

If you have a programming question about how to use CalendarKit in your application, ask it on StackOverflow with the CalendarKit tag.

Please, use GitHub Issues only for reporting a bug or requesting a new feature.



To try CalendarKit with CocoaPods issue the following command in the Terminal:

pod try CalendarKit


To run CalendarApp:

  • Xcode 12
  • iOS 14


CalendarApp is an ongoing project and contributions are welcome. The goal for this project is to be a reference and demonstrate the capabilities of the CalendarKit. The app is inspired by the iOS / iPadOS Calendar App.


Richard Topchii


CalendarApp is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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