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React subscribe form for Mailchimp.

Working demo :


Create a list on mailchimp, add a form and get its "action" attribute from the mailchimp UI

The MailchimpSubscribe gives you a render prop with a subscribe method that you can call with your data.

In your app :

import MailchimpSubscribe from "react-mailchimp-subscribe"

const url = "//";

// simplest form (only email)
const SimpleForm = () => <MailchimpSubscribe url={url}/>

// use the render prop and your custom form
const CustomForm = () => (
    render={({ subscribe, status, message }) => (
        <SimpleForm onSubmitted={formData => subscribe(formData)} />
        {status === "sending" && <div style={{ color: "blue" }}>sending...</div>}
        {status === "error" && <div style={{ color: "red" }} dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{__html: message}}/>}
        {status === "success" && <div style={{ color: "green" }}>Subscribed !</div>}

see examples in ./demo/src

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