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JSON output plugin for changeset extraction
Mostly Harmless Replication470
8 months ago1Stata
Replication of tables and figures from "Mostly Harmless Econometrics" in Stata, R, Python and Julia.
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Enhanced PostgreSQL logical replication
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3 years ago19May 31, 202114apache-2.0Java
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ReAir is a collection of easy-to-use tools for replicating tables and partitions between Hive data warehouses.
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recordbus: mysql binlog to apache kafka
Aws Glue Data Catalog Replication Utility70
3 months ago3mit-0Java
Replication utility for AWS Glue Data Catalog
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Sample replication package

This repository includes a short paper and its accompanying replication code. Download this repository by clicking on the green "Clone or download" button above, or click here. The folder analysis/ replicates the figures and tables for the manuscript located in the folder paper/.

The main analysis is written in Stata, but it also uses rscript to call a subroutine written in R. If you don't want to install R, set global DisableR = 1 in More information is available in the README.

This sample replication package provides:

  1. Supporting materials for an accompanying Stata coding guide
  2. Example Stata code that automates the creation of tables and figures for a manuscript
  3. An example of a cross-platform, standalone replication package that is compliant with the AEA's data and code availability policy
  4. A template LaTeX manuscript


The paper/ folder is included for pedagogical purposes: it shows how to incorporate the tables and figures produced by the analysis into a LaTeX manuscript.


Julian Reif
University of Illinois
[email protected]

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