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Ansible automation for Managing OpenShift Container Platform clusters
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KubeOperator 是一个开源的轻量级 Kubernetes 发行版,专注于帮助企业规划、部署和运营生产级别的 K8s 集群。
Openstack Ansible1,354
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Ansible playbooks for deploying OpenStack. Mirror of code maintained at
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ManageIQ Open-Source Management Platform
Kolla Ansible560
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Ansible deployment of the Kolla containers. Mirror of code maintained at
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Bloomberg Clustered Private Cloud distribution
Openstack Ansible217
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Ansible playbooks for installing OpenStack
Tripleo Quickstart128
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Ansible based project for setting up TripleO virtual environments. Mirror of code maintained at
Casl Ansible121
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Ansible automation for Managing OpenShift Container Platform clusters
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ansible based multicloud orchestrator
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CASL Ansible

CASL Ansible provides a common experience for provisioning infrastructure for OpenShift across a number of infrastructure providers using Ansible.

This includes automation of OpenShift Cluster provisioning as well as other automation tasks post-provisioning.

What Can I Do with CASL Tools?
  • Automated provisioning of an OpenShift cluster with existing automation infrastructure.

  • Automated provisioning of an OpenShift cluster on a non-automated static (BYO) infrastructure.

Provisioning An OpenShift Cluster with Existing Automation Infrastructure

The CASL Ansible tools provide everything needed to automatically provision an OpenShift cluster from scratch.


  • A basic understanding of the CASL Architecture Overview, which outlines the end to end approach for automated provisioning OpenShift clusters.

  • Access to one of the following compatible infrastructures for deploying an OpenShift cluster:

    • An OpenStack environment.

    • An AWS environment.

    • A GCP environment.

Provisioning An OpenShift Cluster with BYO Infrastructure

The CASL Ansible tools also enable you to provision an OpenShift cluster on static infrastructure where provisioning is not fully automated. More details are available in the Bring Your Own Infrastructure guide.

Additional Resources

External Dependencies

For some tasks, CASL Ansible has dependencies on external repositories:

Infra Ansible

A repository of Ansible automation for generic infrastructure components.

OpenShift Ansible

The core OpenShift Installation Playbooks including the supporting roles.

OpenShift Ansible Contrib

A repository of extra, unsupported, and upstream Ansible roles and playbooks for OpenShift.

The dependencies are managed using ansible-galaxy and the specific instructions will call this out when there is a need to use galaxy to pull in the correct dependencies.

Automation of OpenShift Cluster Content

The openshift-applier is used to automate the seeding of OpenShift cluster content based on OpenShift templates and parameters files.

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