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LinchPin provides a command-line interface and Python API for provisioning and managing resources across multiple infrastructures. Where multiple infrastructure resource types can be defined with a single topology file.

LinchPin can also generate inventory files for use with additional Ansible playbooks. These are applied using an inventory layout file.

Contributing and Community Participation ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Developers are encouraged to contribute to the LinchPin project. Please visit Contributing <>_ for details.

  • Subscribe and participate on the LinchPin Mailing List <>_
  • Join the #linchpin IRC chat channel on freenode <>_

Installation ++++++++++++

Installation documentation <>_

QuickStart ++++++++++

The Getting Started Guide <>_ is a quick guide for LinchPin from the Command-Line.

Using LinchPin +++++++++++++++

Check out the Getting Started Guide <>_ for a quick guide on how to use LinchPin from the Command-Line.

For API documentation, check out the Python API Reference <>_.

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