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Myra is UI Library for MonoGame, FNA and Stride.


  • Rich Set of Widgets. Myra has following widgets: Button, CheckBox, ComboBox, ListBox, TabControl, Grid, Image, Menu, ProgressBar, ScrollPane, SplitPane(with arbitrary number of splitters), Slider, TextBlock, TextField, SpinButton, Tree, Window, Dialog, FileDialog, ColorPickerDialog and PropertyGrid.
  • MML(Myra Markup Language). XML based declarative language to describe UI (example).
  • Skinning. The default skin(it had been borrowed from VisUI) could be replaced with a custom skin loaded from the XML (example).
  • MyraPad. Standalone WYSIWYG MML based UI designer.
  • Myra.PlatformAgnostic. Version of the library that could be used in any C# game engine.


If you would like to see Myra in action, download the binary release( from the latest release at Releases), unpack it and run samples(should be runnable on Linux too through Mono).



Use following resources if you need help with Myra or have other questions:

Building From Source Code

  1. Clone this repo.
  2. Open a solution from the "build" folder.


bitcoin: 3GeKFcv8X1cn8WqH1mr8i7jgPBkQjQuyN1


All Widgets Sample

Commodore 64 Skin



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