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Rakugo Framework is inspired by Ren'Py game template with addon for story driven games in Godot.

It has dialogue system, some extra tools, nodes, gui and features that most games have auto of the box

The idea is to have a ready to use plug-in for stories, so developers can create narrative driven games with all the amazing features and tools of Godot 3.1+.

Now you can support this project by buing it on

You can download 2.0 for Godot 3.1 here.


Games using Rakugo v 0.9.x :

If your game uses Rakugo write to me on Discord.

Games using Rakugo v 2.0.x :

The Question: Rakugo Editon

This is game is a demo of VN Rakugo Template. This template is port of Ren'Py game The Question.

Story driven games

It means games that are for example:

You can use it with:

  • GDScript
  • RakugoScript (ToDo)
  • VisualScript (ToDo)


Q: So it's about adding a refined writing and dialogue system to the engine?

A: Yes, and more - nodes, objects and funcs to make easy to provide mechanics like in point&click and rpgs.

Q: As a scenarist, what would I gain from using Rakugo over Ren'Py or Twine ?

A: It is made as godot addon - you can use all godot features. You can make your game 2d, 2.5d or 3d - you can only 2d in Ren'Py. You can easy add minigames or mix it with other game genre. It will have mechanics for point&click games and rpgs - Ren'Py and Twine are only for vn. This project's dialog functions can do more than Ren'Py's equivalents.

Q: How does the framework interact with the engine ?

A: For now this framework is a singleton and a collection of special nodes. There is also gui include in example project that is connected with the framework and has all functions like in a Ren'Py game.

Q: Is it easy to use ?

A: For now it is not that easy as I want it to be, but I am working to make it use RakugoScript (this framework's own language) and visual script.

Other Info

If you want to help please write to us on our Discord.

Docs repo is here:

I need help with this visual script support.

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