The best way to connect a wallet 🌈 🧰
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Visx18,03599a day ago33November 13, 2023141mitTypeScript
🐯 visx | visualization components
Full Blockchain Solidity Course Js10,224
8 days ago69
Learn Blockchain, Solidity, and Full Stack Web3 Development with Javascript
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Create Eth App2,6282a month ago23August 01, 202336mitJavaScript
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Rainbowkit2,0801316 days ago88November 21, 202335mitMDX
The best way to connect a wallet 🌈 🧰
App Monorepo1,636
9 hours ago30apache-2.0TypeScript
Secure, open source and community driven crypto wallet runs on all platforms and trusted by millions.
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**The best way to connect a wallet **

RainbowKit is a React library that makes it easy to add wallet connection to your dapp.

  • Out-of-the-box wallet management
  • Easily customizable
  • Built on top of wagmi and viem

Quick start

You can scaffold a new RainbowKit + wagmi + Next.js app with one of the following commands, using your package manager of choice:

npm init @rainbow-me/rainbowkit@latest
# or
pnpm create @rainbow-me/rainbowkit@latest
# or
yarn create @rainbow-me/rainbowkit


For full documentation, visit rainbowkit.com.

Try it out

You can use the CodeSandbox links below try out RainbowKit:


The following examples are provided in the examples folder of this repo.

  • with-create-react-app
  • with-next
  • with-next-app
  • with-next-custom-button
  • with-next-mint-nft
  • with-next-siwe-next-auth
  • with-next-siwe-iron-session
  • with-remix
  • with-vite

Running examples

To run an example locally, install dependencies.

pnpm install

Then go into an example directory, eg: with-next.

cd examples/with-next

Then run the dev script.

pnpm run dev


Please follow our contributing guidelines.


Licensed under the MIT License, Copyright 2022-present Rainbow.

See LICENSE for more information.

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