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  • GitHub Issues. Best for: bugs and errors you encounter using OneKey.
  • Discord. Best for: sharing your ideas and hanging out with the community.

Repo Status

  • Public: Production-ready

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Getting Onboard

  1. Install node.js LTS version (>= 16)
  2. Install yarn package management tool(After installing the latest version of yarn, execute yarn policies set-version 1.18.0 in the root directory)
  3. Install git lfs (some binaries are required for pulling and updating)
  4. To start the iOS project, make sure that the local XCode version is greater than or equal to 13.3
  5. To start the Android project, make sure that the local JDK version is greater than or equal to 11

After pulling the latest code via the git command line tool, install the project dependencies in the root directory via the yarn command

# Install all JS dependencies and submodule dependencies


# Install the expo command line tool globally

npm install -g expo-cli


Execute the following commands in the root directory to develop different business code

  • yarn web: Develop web mode, which starts a static server on port 3000 locally
  • yarn ios: connect to iphone device via USB for development debugging
  • yarn android: develop android
  • yarn desktop: development in desktop mode
  • yarn ext: development in extension mode

Build for production

Execute the following commands in the root directory and build target for production. Make sure each platform starts correctly and environment variables are configured correctly.

  • web: cd packages/web && yarn build, build the static files at packages/web/web-build, for production build, see release-web.yml job for detail.
  • ios: using expo server to build, see release-ios.yml job for detail.
  • android: : using expo server to build, see release-android.yml job for detail.
  • desktop: : cd packages/desktop && yarn build, see release-desktop.yml job for detail.
  • ext: cd packages/ext && yarn build:all, see release-ext.yml job for detail.

Multi-repository directory structure

The repositories are organized using the monorepo model to keep the code on different ends centralized and unaffected, while making it as reusable as possible during the packaging and compilation process

  • packages/components holds UI components
  • packages/kit holds reusable page-level UI content
  • packages/app APP code
  • packages/desktop Desktop electron code
  • packages/web web-side code
  • packages/ext chrome extension & firefox addon code

Install dependencies

Each subdirectory under the packages/ directory is a separate project, and the corresponding monorepo name is the value of the name field in the corresponding directory package.json.

When you need to install a dependency for a subdirectory, just use yarn workspace @onekeyhq/web add axios. With a prefix like yarn workspace @onekeyhq/web, the axios module can eventually be installed in the root directory in the web subproject.

Some of the dependencies have native parts, so you need to go into the packages/app/ios directory and do a pod install after installing the JS dependencies.

Common problems

  1. The app does not start

For any environment, module and dependency issues in the startup phase, it is recommended to use the command yarn clean in the root directory first. The command will clear all sub-dependencies, as well as the module cache of yarn, the cache of tools such as metro / babel, and then restart the project to try.

  1. During the installation of dependencies or when adding new dependencies, yarn will prompt error An unexpected error occurred: "expected workspace package to exist for

Refer to, set the current environment yarn version to 1.18.0 through the command yarn policies set-version 1.18.0


Check out where we are now!

Roadmap of OneKey

Docs in your languages

Available Languages
Simplified Chinese /
German / Deutsch
Japanese /
French / Franais
Italian / Italiano


  • Please read Bug Bunty Rules, we have detailed the exact plan in this article.
  • Please report suspected security vulnerabilities in private to [email protected]
  • Please do NOT create publicly viewable issues for suspected security vulnerabilities.
  • As an open source project, although we are not yet profitable, we try to give some rewards to white hat hackers who disclose vulnerabilities to us in a timely manner.

We're Hiring!

We are hiring many roles (Remote) Click here to check all open positions
  • Remote (Live anywhere)
  • Global Pay (Literally)
  • ESOP (For everybody)
  • Open Source (As you see)
  • Awesome Colleagues (Hell Yeah!)
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  • Salute!


    OneKey is available under the MIT license. Free for commercial and non-commercial use.

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