Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Live Demo

Watch the YouTube video showing the live demo -> here


INSTALLATION_PATH="<directory_path_where_you_want_to_clone>"; # also the dir where you will write solution
git clone
cd CodeforcesContestBot
npm install


export CF_CONTEST=
node script.js
# will parse all the problems of the contest
# download their testcases
# create multiple directories A B C D E depending on the number of problems in contest
# each directory created will have 
#    in0.txt out0.txt 
#    in1.txt out1.txt and so on 
# which represent the testcases downloaded

Running sol.cpp on multiple testcases and viewing output

./ A #if you want to test A/sol.cpp
./ D #if you want to test D/sol.cpp against your output vs sample output
# this will run your code on downloaded test cases
# and print to console your output vs expected output

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