Visualizes user data from using the official API
Alternatives To Cfviz
Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Bootstrap Star Rating1,038763122 months ago31September 20, 20212otherJavaScript
A simple yet powerful JQuery star rating plugin with fractional rating support.
Jquery Bar Rating70592134 years ago6February 19, 201733mitJavaScript
jQuery Bar Rating Plugin - minimal, light-weight jQuery ratings.
2 years ago6JavaScript
Visualizes user data from using the official API
Bootstrap Rating Input323
65 years ago1August 05, 20168mitHTML
Another plugin that eases the generation of rating stars for jQuery and Bootstrap
4233 years agoApril 25, 201615JavaScript
1-5 star rating, in jQuery.
Rateit.js1461122 years ago8March 10, 20218mitJavaScript
Rating plugin for jQuery. Fast, Progressive enhancement, touch support, icon-font support, highly customizable, unobtrusive JavaScript (using HTML5 data-* attributes), RTL support, supports as many stars as you'd like, and also any step size.
Jquery Star Rating101
7 years agoApril 15, 20123JavaScript
jQuery Star Rating Plugin
Angular Rateit50
65 years ago4May 04, 20182mitJavaScript
This directive was inspired by the jQuery (star)rating plugin RateIt. However this package will work without jQuery.
Shipping Calculator46
7 years ago16JavaScript
To use in Shopify to add a shipping rates calculator to the cart page. Requires jQuery.
Restaurant Picker Jquerymobile Demo42
11 years ago1JavaScript
A jQuery Mobile demo web app that enables the user to choose a restaurant based on plate, location and other user rating
Alternatives To Cfviz
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Codeforces Visualizer

This is code repository for a simple analytics visualization site for Codeforces online judge users using Codeforces API. The site is currently hosted at here.

Current features

Single User Analytics

  • Verdicts chart
  • Languages chart
  • Tags chart
  • Levels chart
  • Total tried problems count
  • Total solved problems count
  • Average and max attempts
  • Count of problems solved with one submission
  • Max AC for a single problem (It indicates in how many ways someone solved a problem)
  • List of unsolved problems

Comparison between two users

  • Current, max and min rating
  • Number of contests
  • Best and worst position in contest
  • Max positive and negative rating change
  • Compared rating time-line
  • Total tried problem count compared
  • Total solved problem count compared
  • Average and max attempts compared
  • Count of problems solved with one submission compared
  • Max AC for a single problem compared
  • Tags compared
  • Levels compared


  • When somebody searches for a handle that doesn't exists, we get Cross-Origin Request blocked and the status code becomes 0 in jQuery. So we can't determine if the user doesn't really exists or some other network problem occurs.
  • Firefox hangs for a while when drawing the tags comparison chart. Probably because it's big. I have plan to divide that chart in two parts.
  • When counting number of solved problems, some problems that appear both on div 1 and div 2 get counted twice.
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