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Awesome Open Source

My YouTube Channel

I make Video Lectures on YouTube for

  1. Data Structures
  2. Algorithms
  3. Interview Tips for Software Engineering Jobs
  4. Math Puzzles
  5. Brain Teasers
  6. Logical Reasoning

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About Me

I am Rachit Jain, currently working as Software Engineer in Microsoft.
I have graduated from IIT Roorkee in 2017.
I have done my majors in Electrical Engineering,
and minors in Computer Science Engineering.
Competitive Programming is my hobby, as I like to keep my mind sharp.
I love to explore and learn new algorithms and programming techniques.
I like teaching, and hence launched my YouTube channel recently.


  1. JEE Mains All India Rank: #69 among 1.4 million candidates
  2. IITian
  3. Despite majors in Electrical Engineering:
    a. Cracked job interviews for Microsoft, Directi.
    b. Google APAC Global Rank: #25 (Round D, 2017)
    c. Codeforces Rating: 2018 (DIV 1)
    d. Did internships in Flipkart(III Year) and Grofers(II Year).
    e. Launched YouTube Channel for DS, Algos for teaching.

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