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4 years ago14otherPython
WaveNet vocoder
Parallelwavegan1,42738 months ago40November 13, 202334mitJupyter Notebook
Unofficial Parallel WaveGAN (+ MelGAN & Multi-band MelGAN & HiFi-GAN & StyleMelGAN) with Pytorch
Pytorch Wavenet651
4 years ago24mitJupyter Notebook
An implementation of WaveNet with fast generation
Pytorch Normalizing Flows486
4 years ago5Jupyter Notebook
Normalizing flows in PyTorch. Current intended use is education not production.
5 years ago4mitPython
A Pytorch implementation of "FloWaveNet: A Generative Flow for Raw Audio"
Deep Time Series Prediction287
3 years ago7Python
Seq2Seq, Bert, Transformer, WaveNet for time series prediction.
4 years ago5apache-2.0Shell
WaveNet-Vocoder implementation with pytorch.
Cross Lingual Voice Cloning253
2 years ago8bsd-3-clauseJupyter Notebook
Tacotron 2 - PyTorch implementation with faster-than-realtime inference modified to enable cross lingual voice cloning.
5 years ago8mitPython
A Pytorch Implementation of ClariNet
2 years agobsd-3-clausePython
《深入浅出 PyTorch——从模型到源码》源代码和勘误(见Issues)
Alternatives To Wavenet_vocoder
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