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A university quantum algorithms/computation course supplement based on Qiskit
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Qiskit Textbook847
6 months agoapache-2.0Jupyter Notebook
A university quantum algorithms/computation course supplement based on Qiskit
Teach Me Quantum89
4 years ago1Jupyter Notebook
⚛ 10 week Practical Course on Quantum Information Science and Quantum Computing- with Qiskit and IBMQX
Oqs Jupyterbook10
6 months ago4cc-by-sa-4.0Jupyter Notebook
Course on Open Quantum Systems with Qiskit
Learning Quantum Computing Course Old2
4 years agomitJupyter Notebook
⚛️ 💥 ⚙️ A project based in Quantum Computing. This project was built using IBM Q Experience/QisKit (Jupyter Notebook/Python Environment Framework from IBM), PyQuil (Python Environment Framework from Rigetti Computing/Rigetti Forest SDK), ProjectQ (Python Environment Open-Source Framework from ETH Zurich), Q# (Q Sharp Programming Language from Microsoft Quantum SDK) and TeX (LaTeX). The project will present some kind of Introductory Course of Quantum Physics/Mechanics and Quantum Computing, and also, some basic tutorials, exercises and papers about it.
3 years agoJupyter Notebook
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Qiskit Textbook Source Code

This is the repository for the interactive open-source Learn Quantum Computation using Qiskit textbook. The textbook is intended for use as a university quantum algorithms course supplement as well as a guide for self-learners who are interested in learning quantum programming.

The Jupyter notebooks corresponding to each section of the textbook can be found in the content folder. The code in these notebooks will constantly be updated to the latest version of Qiskit.

The notebooks are compiled into html and exported to the website.

Installing the qiskit_textbook Package

The Qiskit Textbook provides some tools and widgets specific to the Textbook. This is not part of Qiskit and is available through the qiskit_textbook package. The quickest way to install this with pip and Git is through the command:

pip install git+https://github.com/qiskit-community/qiskit-textbook.git#subdirectory=qiskit-textbook-src

Or, if you prefer using pipenv:

pipenv install "git+https://github.com/qiskit-community/qiskit-textbook.git#subdirectory=qiskit-textbook-src&egg=qiskit_textbook"

Alternatively, you can download the folder qiskit-textbook-src and run:

pip install ./qiskit-textbook-src

from the directory that contains this folder.

Contribution Guidelines

If you'd like to contribute to Qiskit Textbook, please take a look at our contributors guide.


The materials and associated source code of this open-source textbook are licensed under Apache License 2.0.


For any issues, please contact Frank Harkins in the Qiskit Slack workspace. You can also email Frank Harkins ([email protected]).

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