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Awesome Open Source


An easy to use drag'n'drop framework for WPF.

Supporting .NET Framework 4.5+ and .NET Core 3 (3.0 and 3.1)

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  • Works with MVVM : the logic for the drag and drop can be placed in a ViewModel. No code needs to be placed in codebehind, instead attached properties are used to bind to a drag handler/drop handler in a ViewModel.
  • Works with multiple selections.
  • Can drag data within the same control to re-order, or between controls.
  • Works with ListBox, ListView, TreeView, DataGrid and any other ItemsControl.
  • Can insert, move or copy an item into a collection of the same control or into another.
  • Can display Adorners to give the user visual feedback of the operation in progress.
  • Has sensible defaults so that you have to write less code for common operations.

Let's get started

Want to say thanks?

This framework is free and can be used for free, open source and commercial applications. It's tested and contributed by many people... So mainly hit the ⭐️ button, that's all... thx (💵, 💶, 🍺 or some other gifts are also being accepted...).

In action






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