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Friendly Public Transport Format (FPTF)

This repo outlines a format for APIs, libraries and datasets containing and working with public transport data. See the spec and the list of JS modules.

npm version CC-licensed chat on gitter

It tries to keep things simple:

  • JSON and ndjson only
  • a flat, intuitive representation of public transport timetables & infrastructure
  • conceptually inspired by the de-facto standard GTFS

Specifically, it trades

  • efficiency for consumability: GTFS sets feel like database dumps.
  • completeness for ease-of-use: Only basic attributes are required, most is optional.

Things still missing:

  • concise definitions
  • clear naming & recommendations for optional data


We are looking forward to discuss & extend this format further! If you have a question or want to propose changes, go to the issues page. Keep our contributing guidelines in mind. Note that, by participating in this project, you commit to the code of conduct.

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