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This repository contains the implmentation of various text classification models like RNN, LSTM, Attention, CNN, etc in PyTorch deep learning framework along with a detailed documentation of each of the model.

Text Classification is one of the basic and most important task of Natural Language Processing. In this repository, I am focussing on one such text classification task and that is Sentiment Analysis. So far I have covered following six different models in this repo.

  • RNN
  • LSTM
  • LSTM + Attention
  • Self Attention
  • CNN
  • RCNN


  • Python==3.6.6
  • PyTorch==0.4.0
  • torchtext==0.2.3

Downloads and Setup

Once you clone this repo, run the file to process the dataset and to train the model.

$ python


  • A Structured Self-Attentive Sentence Embedding : Paper
  • Convolutional Neural Networks for Sentence Classification : Paper
  • Recurrent Convolutional Neural Networks for Text Classification : Paper



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