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📄 Deep Learning 中 Sentiment Analysis 論文統整與分析 😀😡☹️😭🙄🤢
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Twitter Sentiment Analysis1,322
3 months ago20mitPython
Sentiment analysis on tweets using Naive Bayes, SVM, CNN, LSTM, etc.
Nlp Library955
3 years ago1
curated collection of papers for the nlp practitioner 📖👩‍🔬
Getting Things Done With Pytorch873
2 years ago13apache-2.0Jupyter Notebook
Jupyter Notebook tutorials on solving real-world problems with Machine Learning & Deep Learning using PyTorch. Topics: Face detection with Detectron 2, Time Series anomaly detection with LSTM Autoencoders, Object Detection with YOLO v5, Build your first Neural Network, Time Series forecasting for Coronavirus daily cases, Sentiment Analysis with BERT.
Awesome Sentiment Analysis770
5 years agocc-by-sa-4.0
😀😄😂😭 A curated list of Sentiment Analysis methods, implementations and misc. 😥😟😱😤
a year agomitJupyter Notebook
Code for some of my articles
Deep Learning Illustrated543
3 months ago6mitJupyter Notebook
Deep Learning Illustrated (2020)
Sunny Side Up512
7 years ago8otherJupyter Notebook
Sentiment Analysis Challenge
Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis413
5 months ago8August 01, 202133apache-2.0Python
💭 Aspect-Based-Sentiment-Analysis: Transformer & Explainable ML (TensorFlow)
Awesome Nlp Sentiment Analysis275
3 years agogpl-3.0
:book: 收集NLP领域相关的数据集、论文、开源实现,尤其是情感分析、情绪原因识别、评价对象和评价词抽取方面。
5 years agoPython
🎭 Sentiment Analysis of Twitter data using combined CNN and LSTM Neural Network models
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Deep Learning 中的 Sentiment Analysis & opinion mining 論文統整、分析

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sentiment analysis


  • Targeted Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis via Embedding Commonsense Knowledge into an Attentive LSTM [Paper] [Review]

    • Yukun Ma, Haiyun Peng, Erik Cambria, AAAI, 2018
  • Delete, Retrieve, Generate: A Simple Approach to Sentiment and Style Transfer [Paper] [Review]

    • Juncen Li, Robin Jia, He He, Percy Liang, NAACL-HLT, 2018
  • Transformation Networks for Target-Oriented Sentiment Classification [Paper] [Review]

    • Xin Li, Lidong Bing, Wai Lam, Bei Shi, ACL 2018


  • Linguistically Regularized LSTM for Sentiment Classification [Paper] [Review]

    • Qiao Qian, Minlie Huang, Jinhao Lei, Xiaoyan Zhu, ACL, 2017
  • Exploiting Domain Knowledge via Grouped Weight Sharing with Application to Text Categorization [Paper] [Review]

    • Ye Zhang, Matthew Lease, Byron C. Wallace, ACL, 2017
  • Deep Pyramid Convolutional Neural Networks for Text Categorization [Paper] [Review]

    • Rie Johnson, Tong Zhang, ACL, 2017
  • Recurrent Attention Network on Memory for Aspect Sentiment Analysis [Paper] [Review]

    • Peng Chen, Zhongqian Sun, Lidong Bing, Wei Yang, EMNLP, 2017
  • Refining Word Embeddings for Sentiment Analysis [Paper] [Review]

    • Liang-Chih Yu, Jin Wang, K. Robert Lai, Xuejie Zhang, EMNLP, 2017
  • Document-Level Multi-Aspect Sentiment Classification as Machine Comprehension [Paper] [Review]

    • Yichun Yin, Yangqiu Song, Ming Zhang, EMNLP, 2017
  • Learning Generic Sentence Representations Using Convolutional Neural Networks [Paper] [Review]

    • Zhe Gan, Yunchen Pu, Ricardo Henao, Chunyuan Li, Xiaodong He, Lawrence Carin, EMNLP, 2017
  • Interactive Attention Networks for Aspect-Level Sentiment Classification [Paper] [Review]

    • Dehong Ma, Sujian Li, Xiaodong Zhang, Houfeng Wang, IJCAI, 2017
  • Attention-Based LSTM for Target-Dependent Sentiment Classification [Paper] [Review]

    • Min Yang, Wenting Tu, Jingxuan Wang, Fei Xu, Xiaojun Chen, AAAI, 2017
  • Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis Based on Multi-Attention CNN [Paper] [Review]

    • Liang Bin, Liu Quan, Xu Jin, Zhou Qian, Zhang Peng, Journal of Computer Research and Development, 2017
  • Attention Modeling for Targeted Sentiment [Paper] [Review]

    • Jiangming Liu, Yue Zhang, EACL, 2017
  • Lexicon Integrated CNN Models with Attention for Sentiment Analysis [Paper] [Review]

    • Bonggun Shin, Timothy Lee, Jinho D. Choi, WASSA, 2017


  • Cached Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks for Document-Level Sentiment Classification [Paper] [Review]

    • Jiacheng Xu, Danlu Chen, Xipeng Qiu, Xuanjing Huang, EMNLP, 2016
  • Context-Sensitive Lexicon Features for Neural Sentiment Analysis [Paper] [Review]

    • Zhiyang Teng, Duy-Tin Vo, Yue Zhang, EMNLP, 2016
  • Aspect Level Sentiment Classification with Deep Memory Network [Paper] [Review]

    • Duyu Tang, Bing Qin, Ting Liu, EMNLP, 2016
  • Attention-based LSTM for Aspect-level Sentiment Classification [Paper] [Review]

    • Yequan Wang, Minlie Huang, Li Zhao, Xiaoyan Zhu, EMNLP, 2016
  • Neural Sentiment Classification with User and Product Attention [Paper] [Review]

    • Huimin Chen, Maosong Sun, Cunchao Tu, Yankai Lin, Zhiyuan Liu, EMNLP, 2016
  • Rationale-Augmented Convolutional Neural Networks for Text Classification [Paper] [Review]

    • Ye Zhang, Iain Marshall, Byron C. Wallace, EMNLP, 2016
  • A Hierarchical Model of Reviews for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis [Paper] [Review]

    • Sebastian Ruder, Parsa Ghaffari, John G. Breslin, EMNLP, 2016
  • Effective LSTMs for Target-Dependent Sentiment Classification [Paper] [Review]

    • Duyu Tang, Bing Qin, Xiaocheng Feng, Ting Liu, COLING, 2016
  • Gated Neural Networks for Targeted Sentiment Analysis [Paper] [Review]

    • Meishan Zhang, Yue Zhang, Duy-Tin Vo, AAAI, 2016
  • Deep Sentence Embedding Using Long Short-Term Memory Networks: Analysis and Application to Information Retrieval [Paper] [Review]

    • Hamid Palangi, Li Deng, Yelong Shen, Jianfeng Gao, Xiaodong He, Jianshu Chen, Xinying Song, Rabab Ward, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, 2016
  • Efficient Character-level Document Classification by Combining Convolution and Recurrent Layers [Paper] [Review]

    • Yijun Xiao, Kyunghyun Cho, arXiv, 2016


  • Target-Dependent Twitter Sentiment Classification with Rich Automatic Features [Paper] [Review]
    • Duy-Tin Vo, Yue Zhang, IJCAI, 2015

related tasks


  • Relation Classification via Multi-Level Attention CNNs [Paper] [Review]
    • Linlin Wang, Zhu Cao, Gerard de Melo, Zhiyuan Liu, ACL, 2016
  • A Deeper Look into Sarcastic Tweets Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks [Paper] [Review]
    • Soujanya Poria, Erik Cambria, Devamanyu Hazarika, Prateek Vij, COLING, 2016


Po-Chih Huang / @pochih

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