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  • FaaS boilerplates - Boilerplates for FaaS offerings that work in conjunction with Hasura GraphQL Engine's event triggers.
  • CloudCompose - An open community marketplace for serverless functions and workflows.
  • Mutton - A Python shim library for better AWS Lambda handlers.
  • Begin - Create AWS serverless apps, APIs, and sites with databases, sessions, and full CI/CD.
  • Operiant - Connect your event streams to actions.
  • TriggerMesh - Serverless cloud with a library of event triggers to enable hybrid cloud and workload portability.
  • Handly - A wrapper for serverless handlers to prevent silly mistakes.
  • Serverless boilerplate - Minimal yet super-functional Serverless boilerplate.
  • Firecracker - Secure and fast microVMs for serverless computing.
  • Cirrus - Serverless machine learning framework.
  • OpenFaaS - Serverless Functions Made Simple for Docker and Kubernetes.
  • OpenFaaS Cloud - OpenFaaS Cloud: multi-user serverless functions driven by git.

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