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What's past is prologue.


Prologue is a powerful and flexible web framework written in Nim. It is ideal for building elegant and high performance web services.

Reduce magic. Reduce surprise.


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Welcome to write your own experience with Prologue at our wiki.


  • Core

    • [x] Configure and Settings
    • [x] Context
    • [x] Param and Query Data
    • [x] Form Data
    • [x] Static Files
    • [x] Middleware
    • [x] Powerful Routing System(based on nest)
    • [x] Cookie
    • [x] Startup and Shutdown Events
    • [x] URL Building
    • [x] Error Handler
  • Plugin

    • [x] I18n
    • [x] Basic Authentication
    • [x] Minimal OpenAPI support
    • [x] Websocket support
    • [x] Mocking test
    • [x] CORS Response
    • [x] Data Validation
    • [x] Session
    • [x] Cache
    • [x] Signing
    • [x] Command line tools
    • [x] Cross-Site Request Forgery
    • [x] Clickjacking Protection


First you should install Nim language which is an elegant and high performance language. Follow the instructions and set environment variables correctly.

Then you can use nimble command to install prologue.

nimble install prologue


Hello World

import prologue

proc hello*(ctx: Context) {.async.} =
  resp "<h1>Hello, Prologue!</h1>"

let app = newApp()
app.get("/", hello)

Run app.nim ( nim c -r app.nim ). Now the server is running at localhost:8080.

More examples


If you need more extensions, you can refer to awesome prologue and awesome nim.


Thanks for supporting me!


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