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What is Structr?

Structr is an integrated low-code development and runtime environment that uses a graph database. With Structr, you can build enterprise web applications many times faster than with traditional development methods and run them directly on the Structr server in the same environment.

Structr provides low-code capabilities that allow users without extensive development skills to create simple applications, while experienced developers can create sophisticated, state-of-the-art enterprise solutions with 100% flexibility in all areas.

This unique combination of low-code and pro-code capabilities makes Structr an exceptionally useful and productive tool for application development, and its graph technology makes it the perfect platform for all connected data use cases.






Download the official binary packages from

There are docker images available on

A more versatile setup is described here:


Structr is dual licensed under the GPLv3/AGPLv3 and a commercial license. To use Structr without the restrictions of the Open Source licenses and get vendor support, please contact us at


The documentation can be found at

Installation and Setup

Prerequisites are the GraalVM 11 JDK. See for instructions on how to install and start Structr.

First Login

Login with the default credentials admin/admin at: http://localhost:8082/structr/

Community Support

For general questions and discussions please use the Structr Google Group or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Technical questions should be asked on stackoverflow:

Report Bugs

You can submit issues (bugs, feature requests etc.) on the issue-tracker. Please don't ask questions or discuss general topics in the issue system.

Copyright and License

Copyright 2010-2022 Structr GmbH

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