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crudini - A utility for manipulating ini files

Usage: crudini --set [OPTION]... config_file section [param] [value] or: crudini --get [OPTION]... config_file [section] [param] or: crudini --del [OPTION]... config_file section [param] [list value] or: crudini --merge [OPTION]... config_file [section]

SECTION can be empty ('') or 'DEFAULT' in which case, params not in a section, i.e. global parameters are operated on. If 'DEFAULT' is used with --set, an explicit [DEFAULT] section is added.


--existing[=WHAT] For --set, --del and --merge, fail if item is missing, where WHAT is 'file', 'section', or 'param', or if not specified; all specified items. --format=FMT For --get, select the output FMT. Formats are sh,ini,lines --inplace Lock and write files in place. This is not atomic but has less restrictions than the default replacement method. --list For --set and --del, update a list (set) of values --list-sep=STR Delimit list values with "STR" instead of " ," --output=FILE Write output to FILE instead. '-' means stdout --verbose Indicate on stderr if changes were made --help Write this help to stdout --version Write version to stdout


Add/Update a var

crudini --set config_file section parameter value

Add/Update a var in the root or global area.

I.e. that's not under a [section].

crudini --set config_file '' parameter value

Update an existing var

crudini --set --existing config_file section parameter value

Add/Append a value to a space or comma separated list

crudini --set --list config_file section parameter a_value

Delete a var

crudini --del config_file section parameter

Delete a section

crudini --del config_file section

output a value

crudini --get config_file section parameter

output a global value not in a section

crudini --get config_file '' parameter

output a section

crudini --get config_file section

output a section, parseable by shell

eval $(crudini --get --format=sh config_file section)

update an ini file from shell variable(s)

echo name="$name" | crudini --merge config_file section

merge an ini file from another ini

crudini --merge config_file < another.ini

compare two ini files using standard UNIX text processing

diff <(crudini --get --format=lines file1.ini|sort)
<(crudini --get --format=lines file2.ini|sort)

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