A game of lonely space adventure
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Pioneer Space Simulator

Pioneer is a space adventure game set in the Milky Way galaxy at the turn of the 31st century.

The game is open-ended, and you are free to explore the millions of star systems in the game. You can land on planets, slingshot past gas giants, and burn yourself to a crisp flying between binary star systems. You can try your hand at piracy, make your fortune trading between systems, or do missions for the various factions fighting for power, freedom or self-determination.

For more information, see:


Come by #pioneer at and say hi to the team:

Bugs? Please log an issue:

Follow Pioneer on Twitter:

Pioneer wiki

Join the player's forum:

Join the development forum:


Manual can be found at:

Basic flight:

Keyboard and mouse control is found at:


For frequently asked questions, please see

BUG Reporting

Please see the section of the FAQ pertaining to bugs, crashs and reporting other issues: Bug Reporting FAQs.

Please do your best to fill out the issue template as completely as possible, especially when you're reporting a crash bug or a graphical issue. Having system information including graphics drivers and the method you used to install Pioneer helps immensely to diagnose and fix these kinds of issues.


If you are hungry to contribute, more information can be found here:

If you have a contribution you want to share, and want to learn how to make a pull request, see:

Pioneer development documentation


Localization for Pioneer is handled trough Transifex, and pulled to the source from there automatically. Because of this please don't make pull requests for translations. You can find the localization project here. You need to register at transifex to be able to access the translations.

If you want a new language introduced, please request it on the Libera IRC channel of Pioneer, or here by making an issue for it.

Getting Pioneer

Latest build is available at

For compiling from source, please see COMPILING.txt


Please see Changelog.txt

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