Go RESTful API starter kit with Gin, JWT, GORM (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite), Redis, Mongo, 2FA, email verification, password recovery
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gorest | RESTful API Starter kit

CodeQL Go Linter Codecov Go Reference Go Report Card CodeFactor codebeat badge MIT license Contributor Covenant

gorest is a starter kit, written in Golang with Gin framework, for rapid prototyping and developing a RESTful API. The source code is released under the MIT license and is free for any personal or commercial project.



1: production-ready

x: breaking changes

y: new functionality or bug fixes in a backwards compatible manner


Version 1.6.x contains breaking changes!

Note: For version 1.4.5: v1.4.5


Go 1.19+

Supported databases

  • [x] MySQL
  • [x] PostgreSQL
  • [x] SQLite3
  • [x] Redis
  • [x] MongoDB

Note: gorest uses GORM as its ORM


  • [x] built on top of Gin
  • [x] use the supported databases without writing any extra configuration files
  • [x] environment variables using GoDotEnv
  • [x] CORS policy
  • [x] basic auth
  • [x] two-factor authentication
  • [x] JWT using golang-jwt/jwt
  • [x] password hashing with Argon2id
  • [x] JSON protection from hijacking
  • [x] simple firewall (whitelist/blacklist IP)
  • [x] email validation (pattern + MX lookup)
  • [x] email verification (sending verification code)
  • [x] forgotten password recovery
  • [x] render HTML templates
  • [x] forward error logs and crash reports to sentry.io
  • [x] handle authentication tokens on client devices' cookies
  • [x] logout (individually enable option - delete tokens from cookies, ban active tokens)
  • [x] super easy to learn and use - lots of example codes

Start building

Please study the .env.sample file. It is one of the most crucial files required to properly set up a new project. Please rename the .env.sample file to .env, and set the environment variables according to your own instance setup.


For version 1.6.x, please check the project in example

For version 1.4.x and 1.5.x, Wiki

  • convention over configuration
import (

  gconfig "github.com/pilinux/gorest/config"
  gcontroller "github.com/pilinux/gorest/controller"
  gdatabase "github.com/pilinux/gorest/database"
  gmiddleware "github.com/pilinux/gorest/lib/middleware"
  • install a relational (SQLite3, MySQL or PostgreSQL), Redis, or Mongo database
  • for 2FA, a relational + a redis database is required
  • set up an environment to compile the Go codes (a quick tutorial for any Debian based OS)
  • install git
  • check the Wiki and example for tutorials and implementations

Note: For MySQL driver, please check issue: 7

Note For SQLite3:

  • DBUSER, DBPASS, DBHOST and DBPORT environment variables should be left unchanged.
  • DBNAME must contain the full path and the database file name; i.e,


Please see CONTRIBUTING to join this amazing project.

Code of conduct

Please see this document.


Mahir Hasan 2019 - 2023

Released under the MIT license

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