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DOT - Darknet OSINT Transform

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This is the repo of DOT Maltego Transform. Finally the right name.

What does this do?

It fetches: open ports, banners, emails, btc addresses, linked onions domains and other (soon).

Where are the infos stored?

The infos are stored in a database, which is in a server controlled by us, so that you can do a reverse search (e.g. email address -> domains).

How can I play with this?

This is the link that you need to add this set of transforms to your hub. Some transforms are not ready to run, these are onionPGPKeys. onionIpAddress and onionRelatedDomains. If you run one of these three transform, it will return 0 entities so don't worry about possible errors.

Latest update

Added some code to play with, requires Python3

Do you want to graph results?

Try out Darknet Osint Graph Explorer (DOGE)


For every request don't hesitate to open an issue. If you prefer contacting us in private you can do it via Twitter or keybase.

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