Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Awesome MacOS Software v1.9.2


A curated list of fantastically awesome software for Apple's macOS operating system. This list was inspired by Awesome Sysadmin. Legend: Open Source apps = Open Source. Paid apps = Dollar. If an app dosen't have either icon then it should be considered free.


  • Manuscripts - A writing tool like nothing you have seen before.
  • Mochi - Take notes and make flashcards.
  • Numi - Beautiful calculator app for Mac. Dollar
  • Studies - Master Your Studies. Dollar


Application Launchers

  • Alfred - Search your Mac and the web effortlessly, and control your Mac. Free & Dollar
  • LaunchBar - Powerful file/URL/email launcher utility. Dollar
  • Launchey 2 - Lightweight menu bar app launcher. Dollar
  • Overflow - The visual launcher for your Mac. Dollar
  • Recents for Mac - Find files faster.
  • Slik - Fast app launcher and web app organizer. Dollar
  • Start - A superior way to launch applications. Dollar
  • Quicksilver - Application launcher and much more. Open Source
  • Ueli - A keystroke launcher for Windows and macOS. Open Source
  • Zazu - A fully extensible and open source launcher for hackers, creators and dabblers. Open Source
  • Raycast - Control your tools with a few keystrokes. Its designed to keep you focused.

Audio Players

  • Auryo - A SoundCloud client for your desktop. Open Source
  • BitPerfect - The Audiophile Choice. Dollar
  • Cog - Audio player similar to Foobar 2000. Open Source
  • Foobar2000 - Freeware audio player for macOS.
  • Harmony - Music player for Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play and your local files. Dollar
  • Idagio - Streaming, reinvented for classical music.
  • Mous - Powerful audio player & converter for FreeBSD/Linux/macOS. Open Source
  • Phonix - Free music player for macOS. Open Source
  • SIDPLAY - A Commodore 64 music player. Open Source
  • Sonos - Wireless Home Sound System.
  • Soundcleod - SoundCloud for macOS. Open Source
  • Swinsian - The Advanced Music Player for Mac. Dollar
  • Tidal - Music streaming service.
  • Tiny Player - Tiny FLAC/AAC/MP3/WAV Player.
  • Vox - Vox Music Player for macOS.
  • Winds - A Beautiful Open Source RSS & Podcast App. Open Source

Audio Utilities

  • AirFoil - Hear Your Audio Everywhere. Dollar
  • Audio Hijack - Record any audio. Dollar
  • BlackHole - Route Audio Between Apps. Open Source
  • Dexed - DX7 FM multi plaform/multi format plugin. Open Source
  • eqMac2 - System-Wide Equalizer for the Mac. Open Source
  • Farrago - Robust, rapid-fire soundboards. Dollar
  • Fission - Fast & lossless audio editing. Dollar
  • Kid3 - Audio Tagger. Open Source
  • Loopback - Cable-free audio routing for Mac. Dollar
  • Metadatics - Audio metadata editor. Dollar
  • Mutify - Quickly mute your microphone. Dollar
  • ocenaudio - Easy, fast and powerful audio editor
  • Piezo - Charmingly simple audio recording. Dollar
  • Roon - The Ultimate Music Player for Music Fanatics. Dollar
  • Samplr for Touchbar - Demo of Samplr for the MacBook Touch Bar.
  • ShazamScrobbler - scrobbler for the Shazam Mac app. Open Source
  • Sound Source - Superior Sound Control. Dollar
  • Tickeys - Audio feedback while typing. Open Source
  • TunesArt - Display a gorgeous album cover on your desktop. Dollar
  • X Lossless Decoder - Decode/Convert to and from dozens of audio file types.


  • Arq - Backup your files to Google Drive, Amazon Glacier, SFTP, and more. Dollar
  • Arq Cloud Backup - Backs up all your files automatically. Dollar
  • Carbon Copy Cloner - Create a bit-perfect clone of your Mac's hard drive. Dollar
  • Freeze - Amazon Glacier for your Mac. Dollar
  • Macrium Reflect 7 - Free back up, disk imaging, and cloning solution.
  • Rclone - Sync files and directories to and from multiple services. Open Source

Calendar Applications

  • BusyCal 3 - Powerful calendar app for macOS. Dollar
  • Day-O - Simple menu bar clock replacement.
  • Fantastical - The calendar app you won't be able to live without. Dollar
  • Informant - The best calendar app for macOS. Dollar
  • Itsycal - Itsycal is a tiny calendar for your Mac's menu bar. Open Source
  • Morgen - Make the most out of your time. Dollar


  • BlueHarvest - Keep your disks clean of macOS metadata. Dollar
  • Clean-Me - A macOS system analyser and cleaner.
  • Daisy Disk - Whats taking up your disk space? Dollar
  • Disk Doctor - Removes tons of unneeded files. Dollar
  • Duplicate Detective - Remove duplicate files from your Mac. Dollar
  • Monolingual - Frees up disk space by removing unused languages files. Open Source
  • TrashMe - Uninstaller for the Mac with other great useful tools. Dollar

Clipboard Managers

  • Copied - Clipboard manager for macOS, iOS and iPadOS. Dollar
  • Maccy - Keep your copy history at hand. Period. Open Source
  • Yippy - An open source clipboard manager for macOS. Open Source

Cloud Storage

  • Box Sync - Online synchronization tool. Free & Dollar
  • Dropbox - Cloud backup and synchronization tool. Free & Dollar
  • Google Drive - Easy and secure access to all of your content. Free & Dollar
  • Mega - Secure Cloud Storage and Communication. Dollar
  • OmniPresence - Document syncing for iOS & macOS.
  • Rsync Client - A simple GUI for managing your remote files. Dollar
  • Rsync Server - Enable the Rsync service on your Mac. Dollar
  • Syncthing - Replaces proprietary sync and cloud services. Open Source

Code Editors

  • AppCode - Smart IDE for iOS/macOS development. Dollar
  • Atom - A hackable text editor for the 21st Century. Open Source
  • Arduino IDE - Open-source Arduino Code Editor. Open Source
  • BBedit - The text editor that doesn't suck. Dollar
  • Brackets - Open source text editor that understands web design. Open Source
  • CLion - A cross-platform IDE for C and C++. Dollar
  • Coda - One-window Web development suite. Dollar
  • CodeRunner 2 - Easy-to-use programming editor for your Mac. Dollar
  • Espresso - Powerful HTML, XML, CSS, and JavaScript development tool. Dollar
  • IntelliJ - Capable and Intelligent IDE. Dollar
  • RubyMine - Work Faster with a Smarter Editor. Dollar
  • SubEthaEdit 5 - Code, Write, Edit. Together. Open Source
  • Sublime Text - A sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose. Dollar
  • Textmate - Powerful and customizable text editor. Open Source
  • VimR - Neovim GUI for macOS. Open Source
  • Visual Studio Code - Excellent cross-platform text editor from Microsoft. Open Source
  • Xcode - Apple's Swift/Objective-C development environment.
  • HMScriptEditor - Code editor for HomeMatic scripts. Dollar

Color Pickers

  • Couleurs - A simple but powerful color grabber.
  • Color Picker Plus - An Improved Color Picker for macOS. Open Source
  • ColorSlurp - The best Mac color picker in the universe! Dollar
  • ColorSnapper 2 - Organize, adjust & export colors with style. Dollar
  • ColorWell - macOS Color Theme generator. Dollar
  • Pastel - Beautiful color palettes. Dollar
  • Pika - An open-source colour picker app for macOS. Open Source
  • Sip - Collect, organize & share your colors. Dollar 5 Stars


  • Aether - Peer-to-peer ephemeral public communities. Open Source
  • Chime - Amazon Chime communications service. Dollar
  • Feishu - The Only All-in-One Platform You Will Ever Need.
  • Loom - Take back your time.
  • Screen - Work together like youre in the same room.
  • Slack - Team-based collaboration tool.
  • Workplace by Facebook - Change the way you work.
  • Zulip - Zulip for macOS. Open Source


  • Keka - MacOS file archiver. Store more, share with privacy. Open Source
  • The Unarchiver - Capable replacement for MacOS' default compression app.
  • p7zip - Open Source port of 7-Zip for POSIX systems. Open Source
  • Zip Cleaner - Remove DS_Store, Icon^M and __MACOSX from archives. Open Source



  • Origami Studio - Explore, iterate, and test your ideas.
  • Sketch - Professional digital design for Mac. Dollar
  • Zeplin - Build pixel perfect apps in peace.
  • Figma Create, test, and ship better designs from start to finish.


Disk Utilities

  • DiskWave - Determine what files & folders are using your disk space. Open Source


  • Cryptomator - Free client-side encryption for your cloud files. Open Source
  • GPG Tools - GPG Suite for macOS. Open Source
  • - Manage cryptographic keys, sigchains and user identities. Open Source
  • Keybase - Keybase is a directory of public keys and the proofs of who owns them. Open Source


  • Canary - Secure Email App for Mac and iPhone. Dollar
  • eM Client - Boost your email. Skyrocket your productivity. Free & Dollar
  • FMail - Free native Mac application for Fastmail.
  • MailMate - IMAP email client for macOS. Dollar
  • Polymail - Simple, beautiful, powerful e-mail. Dollar
  • Postbox - Powerful and flexible email client. Dollar
  • Spark - Email client for Apple devices.
  • Thunderbird - Cross-platform e-mail and news (NNTP) client. Open Source

Electronic Books

  • Bookpedia - What's on your shelves? Dollar
  • Calibre - Complete e-book library management system. Open Source
  • Delicious Library 3 - Book Manager. Dollar
  • Kindle - Read Kindle books on your Mac.
  • Kitabu - Kitabu is your EPUB reading application and cloud library.
  • Sigil Sigil is a multi-platform EPUB ebook Editor

File Synchronization

  • Box - Online synchronization tool for Dollar
  • Dropbox - Cloud backup and synchronization tool. Dollar
  • Google Drive - File backup and sharing tool. Dollar
  • oDrive - Make Cloud Storage the way it should be.
  • OneDrive - Access your Microsoft OneDrive. Dollar

File Management

  • Commander One - Dual-pane file manager for macOS.
  • CRAX Commander - Dual-pane and multi-tabbed file manager. Dollar
  • Cryo - Visual peer-to-peer file manager.
  • DCloner - Reliable duplicate files finder. Dollar
  • DCommander - Advanced file manager for Mac. Dollar
  • ForkLift 3 - Advanced dual-pane FTP/file manager. Dollar
  • Gemini - The intelligent duplicate file finder. Dollar
  • Hazel - Automated Organization for Your Mac. Dollar
  • Marta - File Manager for macOS.
  • Mountain Duck - Cyberduck for mounting volumes in the file explorer. Dollar
  • NameChanger - Rename a list of files quickly and easily.
  • Path Finder - Powerful, award-winning Finder alternative. Dollar
  • TotalFinder - For Mac users who demand more from their Finder. Dollar
  • Trickster - Your recently used files, at your fingertips. Dollar
  • fman - Dual-pane file manager for Mac. Dollar


  • FontForge - Free and open source font editor. Open Source

FTP Clients

  • Cyberduck - A libre server and cloud storage browser for Mac.
  • FileZilla - Open source FTP client. Open Source
  • Transmit - FTP client that supports SFTP, S3, WebDAV, and more. Dollar
  • Viper FTP - Simple, user-friendly yet powerful FTP client for Mac. Dollar


  • Doomseeker - Cross-platform server browser for Doom.
  • DOSBox - DOS emulation for macOS.
  • Epic Games Launcher - Game client.
  • GOG Galaxy - All your games and friends in one place.
  • GZDoom - A Doom source port for the modern era. Open Source
  • OpenEmu - Video game emulation. Open Source
  • ReDoomEd - Port of DoomEd, id Softwares Doom map editor for NeXTSTEP (1993).
  • Rolisteam - Manage tabletop role playing games with remote friends/players. Open Source
  • Slade - A modern editor for Doom.
  • Stockfish - Strong open source chess engine. Open Source
  • Zandronum - Leading the way in newschool multiplayer Doom online.


  • Adapter - Adapter Converts Video, Audio and Images.
  • Amadine - The ultimate vector graphics software for macOS. Dollar
  • CleanShot - Capture your Macs screen like a pro. Dollar
  • Gifox - Delightful GIF Recording and Sharing App.
  • Icon Jar - Store all your icons in one place. Dollar
  • ImageOptim - Removes bloated metadata. Open Source
  • Image2icon - Create and personalize icons from your pictures.
  • Kap - Capture your screen. Open Source
  • Ruffle - A Flash Player emulator built with Rust. Open Source
  • Storyboarder - The best way to visualize your story.

Image Editors

  • Affinity Photo - The first choice for photography and creative professionals. Dollar
  • GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program. Open Source
  • Pixelmator - Full-featured image editor for Mac. Dollar
  • Pixelmator Pro - Professional image editor. Dollar
  • PhotoMD - Image EXIF and metadata editor, viewer and sorter. Dollar
  • Seashore - Easy to use mac osx image editing application. Open Source

Image Viewers

  • Eagle - Photo viewer, manager, and organizer. Dollar
  • Lyn - Organize, view, edit and share your photos. Dollar
  • Phew - An open-source FLIF image viewer and QuickLook plugin for macOS. Open Source
  • Phiewer - The easiest and fastest way to view your images.
  • PikoPixel - Pixel-art editor. Open Source
  • PhotoMD-lite - View images and EXIF and metadata.
  • Pixave - The ultimate image viewer and organizer. Dollar
  • qView - Practical and minimal image viewer. Open Source
  • Spect - Fast image browser and organizer. Dollar
  • Xee - Super fast image viewer. Dollar


  • Castor - A Browser for the small internet (Gemini, Gopher, Finger). Open Source
  • Charles - HTTP proxy, HTTP monitor, Reverse Proxy.
  • DomainBrain - Track of server and login information for websites. Dollar
  • Freenet - Peer-to-peer platform for censorship-resistant communication and publishing. Open Source
  • Kristall - GUI client for MacOS for gemini, http, https, gopher, finger. Open Source

IRC Clients

  • Irssi - Your text mode chatting application since 1999. Open Source
  • KVIrc - QT IRC Client. Open Source
  • LimeChat - LimeChat is an IRC client for MacOS. Open Source
  • Textual - Lightweight IRC client. Open Source Dollar
  • Smuxi - GTK+ multi-service ITC client. Open Source


  • Day One - A journal, diary, text-logging application. Dollar
  • jrnl - Command-line journaling application. Open Source
  • MacJournal 7 - macOS journaling application.

Knowledge Management

  • CardHop - Contacts manager. One Cardhop, All Your Devices. Dollar
  • Craft - A fresh take on documents. Dollar and Free.
  • DEVONthink - Document/Note manager. Dollar
  • DEVONsphere Express Dollar
  • FSNotes - Notes manager for macOS. Open Source
  • Keep It - Write notes, keep things, and find them again. Dollar
  • Notion - Write, plan, collaborate, and get organized. Open Source
  • OneNote - Note manager from Microsoft.
  • Yojimbo - Effortless, reliable information organizer for macOS. Dollar

Markdown Editors

  • Byword - Excellent markdown editor. Dollar
  • Notable - Markdown-based note-taking app that doesn't suck. Open Source
  • MacDown - Open source Markdown editor for MacOS. Open Source
  • Mark Text - Simple and Elegant cross platform Markdown Editor.
  • MWeb - Pro Markdown writing and note taking editor. Dollar
  • Pine - Native markdown editor for macOS. Open Source
  • Texts - Separate Content from Formatting. Store in Markdown.
  • Typora - Live markdown reader and a writer.
  • vnote - A Vim-inspired Markdown note-taking application. Open Source

Menubar Applications

  • Apple Juice - Advanced battery gauge for macOS. Open Source
  • Bartender 4 - Take control of your menu bar. Dollar
  • BitBar - Run terminal commands from the menu bar. Open Source
  • De-Notch-ifier - Dollar
  • Forehead - Hide the notch and round the corners. Free & Dollar
  • FuzzyClock - Displays the time in your menubar. Open Source
  • Hidden Bar - Lets you hide menu bar items. Open Source - Editor's Choice.
  • KeyCue - Find, remember, and learn keyboard shortcuts. Dollar
  • NightOwl - Easily toggle dark mode on macOS. Open Source
  • MenuBar Stats 3 - Advanced macOS System Monitor. Dollar
  • Meteorologist - Free weather program for macOS. Open Source
  • Notch Pro - It draws a notch over your menubar. Open Source
  • Presentify - Annotate literally anything on screen. Dollar
  • Shifty - A menu bar app that gives you more control over Night Shift. Open Source
  • Stats - Simple macOS system monitor in your menu bar. Open Source
  • TopNotch - Makes the notch disappear like a .
  • Tyke - A little bit of scratch paper.
  • Vanilla - Hide menu bar icons on your Mac.
  • WhichSpace - Active space menu bar icon for macOS. Open Source
  • XMenu - Directly access all your apps from the manu bar.

Messenger Applications

  • Cabal - Experimental p2p community chat platform.
  • Caprine - Elegant Facebook-Messenger client. Open Source
  • Discord - Free Voice and Text Chat for Gamers. Open Source
  • Gitter - A chat and networking platform. Open Source
  • Keybase Chat - Crypto chat for everyone. Open Source
  • Monal - Secure XMPP chat client. Open Source
  • Patchwork - Decentralized messaging app built on top of Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB). Open Source
  • Ripcord - Desktop chat client for Slack (and Discord). Dollar
  • Signal - Fast, simple, secure. Open Source
  • Shrugs - Desktop chat client for Slack. Dollar
  • Telegram - Secure messaging app. Open Source
  • Tox - A New Kind of Instant Messaging. Open Source
  • Wire - Secure communication. Full privacy. Open Source


  • AnyBar - macOS menubar status indicator. Open Source
  • AirParrot - Streaming and Mirroring for macOS. Dollar
  • CodeCows - Inject hundreds of ASCII Cows in any app.
  • Console - Replacement macOS console application. Open Source
  • Contexts - Radically simpler & faster window switcher.
  • FS-UAE - Amiga Emulator. Open Source
  • Glance - All-in-one Quick Look plugin. Open Source
  • Hackintool - The Swiss army knife of vanilla Hackintoshing. Open Source
  • ha-menu - Perform common Home Assistant functions. Open Source
  • Karabiner-Elements - Powerful utility for keyboard customization. Open Source
  • Kinto - Linux & Windows keyboard layout for macOS users. Open Source
  • Mactracker - Detailed information on every Apple product.
  • - The official macOS version of
  • Middle - Add middle click to your Mac. Dollar
  • NetNewsWire - More news, less junk. Faster.
  • PiBakery - The easiest way to setup a Raspberry Pi.
  • Reeder - The best news reader for macOS. Dollar
  • Tickeys - Instant audio feedback for typing. macOS version. Open Source
  • ResXtreme - Provides access to all display modes. Dollar
  • RightFont 5 - Professional font manager app for Mac. Dollar
  • Sugarmate - A new way to manage your diabetes.
  • Swish - The missing gesture layer for macOS. Dollar
  • Unison - Excellent MacOS app for accessing Usenet Newsgroups.
  • Unite 4 - Turn any website into a deeply customizable app. Dollar
  • Wintertime - Background App Freezer for macOS. Open Source

Networking Applications


  • Agenda - Date-focused note taking
  • Milanote - Get organized. Stay creative.
  • QOwnNotes - Plain-text file markdown note taking with Nextcloud integration. Open Source
  • Standard Notes - Free to use, cross-platform sync, and end-to-end privacy. Open Source
  • Trilium - Build your personal knowledge base. Open Source

Office Suites

Package Management

  • Cakebrew - The Mac App for Homebrew. Open Source
  • Fink - Debian package management for macOS. Open Source
  • Homebrew - The missing package manager for macOS. Open Source
  • MacPorts - A package management system for macOS. Open Source
  • pkgsrc - Package management system for Unix-like operating systems. Open Source

Painting Applications

  • Krita - A professional free and open source painting program. Open Source
  • Rebelle - Paint with natural watercolors and acrylics. Dollar

Password Management

  • 1Password - Best Password Manager out there! Dollar
  • Avast - Avast Passwords for Mac.
  • Bitwarden - Solve your password management problems.
  • Buttercup - The Password Manager You Deserve. Open Source
  • Dashlane - Never forget another password. Free & Dollar
  • Elpass - Your all-in-one password manager. Dollar
  • Enpass - A secure vault for storing everything in one place. Desktop: Free. Mobile: Dollar
  • Force Paste - Paste text even when not allowed. Open Source
  • Kaspersky Password Manager - Password Manager.
  • KeepassX - Open Source password manager. Open Source
  • KeePassXC - Cross-Platform password manager. Open Source
  • KeeWeb - Password manager compatible with KeePass. Open Source
  • LastPass - Simplify your life. Free & Dollar
  • MacPass - A native MacOS KeePass client. Open Source
  • Passifox - Auto form-fill passwords from KeePass. Open Source
  • Pastor - Free password manager for macOS.
  • QtPass - QtPass is a multi-platform GUI for pass. Open Source
  • RememBear - Secure and remember all your passwords...with a Bear. Dollar
  • RoboForm - Protect Your Passwords. Dollar
  • Strongbox - Freemium Open Source Password Manager. Open Source
  • Swifty - Free & Offline Password Manager Open Source


  • Pomotroid - Simple and visually-pleasing Pomodoro timer. Open Source
  • Time Sink - Track how you're spend your time. Dollar
  • Whale - Unofficial Trello app. Open Source

Programming Languages

  • Elixir - A dynamic, functional language. Open Source
  • Go - An open source programming language from Google.
  • Janet Language - A functional and imperative programming language. Open Source
  • Kotlin - Concise, simple and very easy to read (and write). Open Source
  • newLISP - Lisp-like, general-purpose scripting language. Open Source
  • Python - Work quickly and integrate systems more effectively. Open Source
  • Ruby - A dynamic, open source programming language. Open Source
  • Rust - A language empowering everyone. Open Source
  • Scratch - Create your own interactive stories, games, and animations. Open Source
  • Swift - A general-purpose programming language.

Programming Utilities

  • Anvil - Menubar app for managing local websites.
  • Codespace - The code snippet manager you've been waiting for. Dollar
  • Inkdrop - Organizing your Markdown notes made simple. Dollar
  • Integrity - Website link checker for MacOS.
  • Flipper - Extensible mobile app debugger. Open Source
  • Kaleidoscope - Diff manager for MacOS. Dollar
  • Key Codes - Displays key code, unicode value, and modifier keys state.
  • Matcha - Build native mobile apps in Go. Open Source
  • massCode - Boost your productivity. Open Source
  • Meld - A visual diff and merge tool. Open Source
  • Mockoon - Mock API in seconds. Open Source
  • OpenInCode - Finder toolbar app to open current folder in Visual Studio Code. Open Source
  • PaintCode 3 - Turn drawings into Swift code. Dollar
  • Pashua - Native macOS dialogs for scripting languages. Open Source
  • Paw - The most advanced API tool for Mac. Dollar
  • Pixelsnap - Fastest tool for measuring anything on your screen. Dollar
  • Platypus - Create MacOS applications from Bash scripts.
  • Postman - Collaboration Platform for API Development.
  • Dash - Dash gives your Mac instant offline access to 150+ API documentation sets. Dollar
  • Quiver - The Programmer's Notebook. Dollar
  • RunJS - The JavaScript playground for your desktop. Open Source
  • SnippetsLab - Easy-to-use code snippets manager. Dollar
  • Stoplight Studio - Design APIs 10x faster with our free OpenAPI editor. Open Source
  • SwiftPM Catalog - Browse the Swift Package Index.
  • VueXcode - Enable Xcode syntax highlighting for Vue.js. Open Source
  • Tinkerwell - Run any PHP code locally. Dollar
  • Tinkerwell - Run any PHP code locally. Dollar
  • XcodesApp - Easily install and switch between multiple versions of Xcode. Open Source
  • Yo - Send Notification Center messages from the command-line. Open Source

Remote Administration


  • RStudio - Professional software for data science. Open Source
  • SciLab - Open source software for numerical computation. Open Source

Screen Savers

Search Utilities


  • Avast SecureLine VPN - Encrypts your Internet connection. Dollar
  • AVG Secure VPN - Secure your Wi-Fi and browse privately. Dollar
  • Do Not Disturb - Detects and alerts you of physical access.
  • Geph - Blast through censorship!
  • Knock Knock - See what's persistently installed on your Mac.
  • LuLu - Open-source macOS firewall.
  • Netiquette - A network monitor.
  • OverSight - Monitors a mac's mic and webcam.
  • ProtonVPN - High-speed Swiss VPN that safeguards your privacy. Dollar
  • ReiKey - Scan and detect key loggers.
  • Santa - A binary whitelisting/blacklisting system for macOS. Open Source
  • Secretive - Store SSH keys in the Secure Enclave. Open Source
  • Security Growler - Notifies you whenever security events occur on your machine. Open Source
  • TaskExplorer - Explore all the tasks (processes) running on your Mac.
  • TunnelBear - A more secure way to browse the web. Dollar
  • Vallum - macOS Application Firewall. Dollar

Social Media

  • Flume - A beautiful Instagram experience for your desktop. Dollar
  • Ramme - Unofficial Instagram desktop app. Open Source
  • Tweetbot - Popular Twitter client. Dollar
  • Twitterrific 5 - Effortlessly read and compose tweets. Dollar
  • Whalebird - A Mastodon and Pleroma client. Open Source
  • Mastonaut - Simple, elegant, and native Mastodon client for Mac. Dollar

Source Control

  • Aurees - A Git client for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Fork - A fast and friendly git client for Mac. Open Source
  • Fuel - Front-end for the Fossil SCM. Open Source
  • Git Bar - Github contribution stats on your MacOS Menu Bar.
  • GitBlade - An elegant Git client for macOS.
  • GitBox - Version control as easy as mail. Dollar
  • Gitea - A painless self-hosted Git service. Open Source
  • GitFinder - A fast and lightweight Git client for Mac. Dollar
  • GitHub Desktop - The official GitHub client for MacOS.
  • GithubPulse - Remember to contribute every day. Open Source
  • GitFiend - A Git client designed for humans.
  • GitFinder - Git client for Mac with Finder integration. Dollar
  • GitKraken - Cross-platform Git client.
  • GitPigeon - GitHub notifications delivered to your Mac.
  • Gitscout - A beautiful GitHub Issues experience for MacOS.
  • Gitee - macOS status bar application for Github. Open Source
  • GitX - Git GUI made for MacOS. Open Source
  • SourceTree - Easy way to work with Git and Mercurial.
  • Streaker - GitHub contribution streak tracking menubar app. Open Source
  • Thermal - All-in-one place to manage your Git repository. Open Source
  • Tower - Advanced Git version control. Dollar
  • Xit - macOS Git GUI. Open Source

System Maintenance

System Tools

  • ABetterFinderRename - Simple. Complete. Powerful. Dollar
  • ActiveDock - Customizable dock for macOS. Dollar
  • Alt-Tab - Windows alt-tab on macOS. Open Source
  • Apple-Juice - An advanced battery gauge for macOS. Open Source
  • Batteries for Mac - Track all your devices' batteries from your Mac. Dollar
  • Battery Health 3 - Detailed battery information for your MacBook, iPhone & iPad. Dollar
  • BetterTouchTool - Customize input devices on your Mac. Dollar
  • Burn - Simple but advanced disc burning for macOS.
  • Bunch - A Batch Application Launcher for your Dock.
  • Caffeine - Keeps your Mac from going into sleep mode. Open Source
  • Cerebro - Search everything on your machine in few clicks. Open Source
  • CoconutBattery 3 - The standard for battery reading since 2005. Dollar
  • CommandQ - Never accidentally quit an app or window again. Dollar
  • Command-Tab Plus - Keyboard-centric application and window switcher. Dollar
  • Core Shell - A terminal to make your SSH life easy. Free & Dollar
  • CustomShortcuts - Customize Mac Menu Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Dat - Distributed data sharing tool. Open Source
  • Duet - Extend your desktop to iOS. Free & Dollar
  • Endurance - Boots you Mac's battery. Dollar
  • FinderGo - Open terminal quickly from Finder. Open Source
  • Flux - Adjusts the screen brightness according to the time of day.
  • Gasmask - Hosts file manager for MacOS. Open Source
  • GeekTool - Customize your desktop.
  • bersicht - Keep an eye on what is happening on your machine.
  • KeepingYouAwake - Prevents your Mac from going to sleep. Open Source
  • KeyCue - Find, remember, and learn keyboard shortcuts. Dollar
  • KeyCastr - An open-source keystroke visualizer. Open Source
  • LaunchRocket - PrefPane to manage all your Homebrew-installed services. Open Source
  • LiteIcon - LiteIcon is a simple app which allows you to change your system icons.
  • Lunar - Intelligent adaptive brightness for your external display. Open Source
  • Maccy - Clipboard manager for macOS.
  • MacUpdater - Keep all your apps up-to-date effortlessly. Dollar
  • MechVibes - Play mechanical keyboard sounds as you type. Open Source
  • MKS - Mechanical Keyboard Simulator. Open Source
  • Muzzle - Disable notifications while screen sharing.
  • OpeninTerminal - Open the current directory in Terminal. Open Source
  • Pock - Display macOS Dock in Touch Bar. Open Source
  • Rocket - Mind-blowing emoji on your Mac.
  • Service Station - Customize your Right-Click Menu.
  • Shottr - Screenshot tool for those who care about pixels.
  • Sloth - Shows all open files and sockets in use. Open Source
  • TouchSwitcher - Use Touch Bar to Switch Apps. Open Source
  • Unexpectedly - Browse and visualize macOS crash reports. Open Source
  • UninstallPKG - Remove unwanted packages from MacOS. Dollar
  • VipRiser - Extensible virtual PDF printer. Dollar
  • Witch - -Tab Everything. Dollar
  • xBench - The Only Benchmark You'll Ever Need.
  • Xrg - An open source system monitor for macOS. Open Source
  • 5 GUIs - Detect which UI frameworks an app is using. Open Source

Task Management

  • AnyDo - Your busy life deserves this. Free & Dollar
  • Fokus - A Beautiful Focus Timer.
  • JustFocus - Focus on What's Important.
  • Kanbanier - Kanban Boards for macOS.
  • OmniFocus - One of the best GTD/Task managers money can buy. Dollar
  • OmniOutliner - A minimal, focused outlining experience for Mac. Dollar
  • Tracktiq - Easy time tracking. Dollar
  • Trello - A simple Trello client.


  • Archipelago - Terminal emulator built on web technology. Open Source
  • Black Screen - A terminal emulator for the 21st century. Open Source
  • Electerm - Terminal/ssh/serial port/sftp client. Open Source
  • Extraterm - The swiss army chainsaw of terminal emulators. Open Source
  • Hyper - A JS/HTML/CSS Terminal. Open Source
  • iTerm 2 - iTerm2 is a replacement for Terminal and the successor to iTerm. Open Source
  • Kitty - A cross-platform, fast, feature full, GPU based terminal emulator. Open Source
  • Kui - Terminal with visualizations by and for developers. Open Source
  • MacTerm - Powerful replacement for macOS Terminal.
  • PowerShell - Microsoft PowerShell for MacOS! Open Source
  • Tabby - A terminal for a more modern age. Open Source
  • warp - The terminal that supercharges your developer workflow.
  • ZOC Terminal - Professional terminal emulation software for macOS. Dollar

Text Editors

  • BBEdit - It dosen't suck. Dollar
  • CotEditor - The plain-text editor for macOS. Open Source
  • Drafts - Where Text Starts. Dollar
  • LightPaper - Simple, beautiful yet powerful text editor for your Mac. Dollar
  • Lime - Open Source, Elegant, and Free Text Editor. Open Source
  • Noto - The themeable, plain-text editor for macOS. Open Source
  • SubEthaEdit 5 - Code, Write, Edit. Together.
  • Texpad - Native macOS app with efficient LaTeX environment. Open Source
  • vimac - Vimium for macOS. Open Source

Text Expanders

  • Alfred - Search your Mac and the web effortlessly, and control your Mac. Free & Dollar
  • aText - Replaces abbreviations with frequently used phrases. Dollar
  • Rocket Typist - Expand typed abbreviations. Dollar
  • TeaCode - Don't Repeat Yourself. Dollar
  • TextExpander - Expand keystrokes into frequently-used text and pictures. Dollar

Web Browsers

Windows Managers

  • Amethyst - A tiling window manager for macOS. Open Source
  • BetterSnapTool - Sasily manage your window positions. Dollar
  • Hookshot - Quicker window snapping on macOS. Dollar
  • Magnet - Window manager for MacOS. Dollar
  • Moom - Move and zoom windows. Dollar
  • Penc - Trackpad-oriented window manager for macOS. Open Source
  • Phoenix - A lightweight window and app manager scriptable with JavaScript. Open Source
  • Rectangle - Move and resize windows in macOS.
  • Spectacle - Move and resize windows with ease.
  • Slate - A window management application. Open Source
  • Swish - The missing gesture layer for macOS. Dollar
  • Tiles - The window manager for macOS. Open Source
  • windOCD - Align, arrange, and restore App Windows easily & automated. Dollar


  • Bear - Writing app for notes and prose. Dollar
  • BookletCreator - Create a booklet from a PDF document. Dollar
  • Dictionaries - Bidirectional translation, spellchecking and pronunciation. Dollar
  • Grammarly - Great Writing, Simplified. Dollar
  • iAWriter - Designed to provide the best digital writing experience. Dollar
  • Nisus Thesaurus - Free Thesaurus for macOS.
  • Scrivener - Text editor for writers. Dollar
  • Storyist - Full-Featured Word Processor. Dollar
  • Ulysses - The Ultimate Writing App for Mac, iPad and iPhone. Dollar
  • Taskade - Free writing tool for outlining notes, managing tasks, and getting things done together in realtime.

Video Utilities

  • HandBrake - The open source video transcoder. Open Source
  • IINA - The modern video player for macOS. Open Source
  • MakeMKV - Rip DVD and Blu-ray discs. Dollar
  • MPlayer - A cross-platform movie player.
  • mpv - A free, open source, and cross-platform media player. Open Source
  • Yoda - Browse and download YouTube videos. Open Source



Created by Patrick H. Mullins. You can find me on Twitter and on Telegram as @pmullins.


Source is released under the MIT License (MIT) license.

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