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Please be aware, I am currently re-writing this entire thing and will be released in a new repo.

The Goal:

To create a material design themed Game Launcher with multiple view types to display the games. The user can add all of their games and launch them from one central location. Supports .exe and .lnk (shortcuts). This isn't designed to be a competitor to steam, or any other game launcher. I just struggled to find a material designed themed launcher that was customisable for me.

Current features:

  • Add, Edit, and Delete your games to the program and view them in 3 different ways
  • Customise genres to your liking and categorise games your way
  • Filter by title or genre
  • Switch the theme to a dark theme
  • Changing primary/accent colour from settings menu
  • Built in browser to find images for each of the views and download them easier
  • Scan the computer for games and semi-automate adding them

Planned updates:

  • Possibly a category view if it's feasible


Reusage notes:

  • Feel free to re-use any of the code or snippets; however if you do please have a comment link in the file it is used which links back to this repository

© 2018 Peter Kemp & John Campbell

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