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Complete Open Source and Modular solution for MMO
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Pomelo11,776184182 months ago116November 08, 2019161mitJavaScript
A fast,scalable,distributed game server framework for Node.js.
6 days ago57mitC#
Unity3D Client And C# Server Framework
Azerothcore Wotlk4,488
18 hours ago1,764agpl-3.0C++
Complete Open Source and Modular solution for MMO
17 hours ago104mitC#
#1 Open Source Unity Networking Library
7 months ago25apache-2.0C++
A fast, scalable, distributed game server engine/framework for C++, include the actor library, network library, can be used as a real time multiplayer game engine ( MMO RPG/MOBA ), which support C#/Lua script/ Unity3d, Cocos2dx and plan to support Unreal.
18 days ago1mitShell
最全面的游戏开发技术图谱。帮助游戏开发者们在已知问题上节省时间,省出更多的精力投入到更有创造性的工作中去。 | The most comprehensive technical map of game development. Help game developers save time on known problems and save more energy for more creative work.
Biomes Game1,984
a month ago16mitTypeScript
Biomes is an open source sandbox MMORPG built for the web using web technologies such as Next.js, Typescript, React and WebAssembly.
Pinus1,6305142 days ago95March 27, 202336mitJavaScript
A fast,scalable,distributed game server framework for Node.js, Powered by TypeScript. 一个TypeScript写的node.js分布式游戏/应用服务器框架(原型基于pomelo)。
9 days ago286gpl-2.0C++
A free and open-source MMORPG server emulator written in C++
21 days ago9mitGo
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AzerothCore is an open-source game server application and framework designed for hosting massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). It is based on the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft (WoW) and seeks to recreate the gameplay experience of the original game from patch 3.3.5a.

The original code is based on MaNGOS, TrinityCore, and SunwellCore and has since then had extensive development to improve stability, in-game mechanics, and modularity to the game. AC has also grown into a community-driven project with a significant number of contributors and developers. It is written in C++ and provides a solid foundation for creating private servers that mimic the mechanics and behavior of the official WoW servers.


Our main goal is to create a playable game server, offering a fully working in-game experience.

Here are the main points we focus on:

  • Stability

    • We make sure all changes pass the CIs before being merged into the master branch.
  • Blizzlike content

    • We strive to make all in-game content to be blizzlike. Therefore we have a high standard for fixes being made.
  • Customization

    • It is easy to customize your experience using modules.
  • Community driven

    • AzerothCore has an active community of developers, contributors, and users who collaborate, share knowledge, and provide support through forums, Discord channels, and other communication platforms.


AzerothCore is designed to be highly modular, allowing developers to extend and customize the game to suit their preferences or create unique gameplay experiences. This flexibility enables the addition of custom features, content, and modifications.

We have a lot of modules already made by the community, many of which can be found in the Module Catalogue.


Detailed installation instructions are available here.


AzerothCore can also serve as a learning resource for aspiring developers who want to understand how WoW servers work, how MMORPGs are structured, how game server emulators are created, or to improve their C++ and SQL knowledge.

If you want to contribute to the project, you will find a lot of resources that will guide you in our wiki.

We also recommend you read our Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.

Feel free to join our Discord server.

Click on the " Star" button to help us gain more visibility on Github!

Authors & Contributors

This project exists thanks to the authors.

Important Links


  • The new AzerothCore source components are released under the GNU AGPL v3
  • The old sources based on MaNGOS/TrinityCore are released under the GNU GPL v2

It's important to note that AzerothCore is not an official Blizzard Entertainment product, and it is not affiliated with or endorsed by World of Warcraft or Blizzard Entertainment. AzerothCore does not in any case sponsor nor support illegal public servers. If you use this project to run an illegal public server and not for testing and learning it is your own personal choice.

Special thanks

JetBrains is providing free open-source licenses to the AzerothCore developers.


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