TrinityCore Open Source MMO Framework (master =, 3.3.5 = 3.3.5a.12340)
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a day ago1,541gpl-2.0C++
TrinityCore Open Source MMO Framework (master =, 3.3.5 = 3.3.5a.12340)
Azerothcore Wotlk4,492
16 hours ago1,764agpl-3.0C++
Complete Open Source and Modular solution for MMO
21 hours ago46gpl-3.0C++
Simulationcraft engine/GUI
8 days ago103otherPerl
A free/open source client and automation tool for Ragnarok Online
Aimmo Unity24
5 years agoC#
AI:MMO's front-end now in Unity3D.
3 years ago1June 20, 2018agpl-3.0Go
Scalable MMORPG game server based on entity control
Pomelo Simplified Chinese5
9 years agomitJavaScript
pomelo 1.04 中文注释
9 years agoCoffeeScript
A MUD-like project, with wiki-like area creation mechanisms.
6 months ago1Svelte
Interactive tools for BLUE PROTOCOL.
7 years agogpl-2.0C++
Forked from TrinityCore Open Source MMO Framework
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TrinityCore is a MMORPG Framework based mostly in C++.

It is derived from MaNGOS, the Massive Network Game Object Server, and is based on the code of that project with extensive changes over time to optimize, improve and cleanup the codebase at the same time as improving the in-game mechanics and functionality.

It is completely open source; community involvement is highly encouraged.

If you wish to contribute ideas or code, please visit our site linked below or make pull requests to our Github repository.

For further information on the TrinityCore project, please visit our project website at


Software requirements are available in the wiki for Windows, Linux and macOS.


Detailed installation guides are available in the wiki for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Reporting issues

Issues can be reported via the Github issue tracker.

Please take the time to review existing issues before submitting your own to prevent duplicates.

In addition, thoroughly read through the issue tracker guide to ensure your report contains the required information. Incorrect or poorly formed reports are wasteful and are subject to deletion.

Submitting fixes

C++ fixes are submitted as pull requests via Github. For more information on how to properly submit a pull request, read the how-to: maintain a remote fork. For SQL only fixes, open a ticket; if a bug report exists for the bug, post on an existing ticket.


License: GPL 2.0

Read file COPYING.

Authors & Contributors

Read file AUTHORS.


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