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A neural machine translation model written in pytorch.

For a up-to-date PyTorch implementation of basic vanilla attentional NMT, please refer to this repo

With 256-dimensional LSTM hidden size, it achieves a training speed of 14000 words/sec and 26.9 BLEU score on the IWSLT 2014 Germen-English dataset (Ranzato et al., 2015).

File Structure

  • main file
  • script used to generate .bin vocabulary file from parallel corpus
  • script containing helper functions
  •| helper scripts to train|test RAML models with different temperature settings (refer to [Norouzi et al., 2016] for details)


  • Generate Vocabulary Files
  • Vanilla Maximum Likelihood Training
. scripts/
  • Reward Augmented Maximum Likelihood Training (Norouzi et al., 2016)
. scripts/
  • Reinforcement Learning (Coming soon)


  • batched decoding as in openNMT


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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