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"Particl is an open source project that aims to restore the balance of privacy on the internet."

We provide a decentralized privacy platform with a suite of tools to enhance your online privacy:

  • An anonymous cryptocurrency – send and receive the PART cryptocurrency without revealing the transaction history
  • End-to-end encrypted messaging – communicate in a secure and decentralized manner without revealing your IP address
  • A private marketplace – buy and sell goods without leaving a trace

This repository is the user interface that works in combination with our particl-core.

Download the packaged wallet for Mac, Windows and Linux


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Be sure to read our Contributing Guidelines first


Boostrapping for development:

  • Download + Install Node.js® 6.4—7.10
  • Download + Install git
git clone
cd particl-desktop
yarn install

Development with Electron

  1. git submodule init (needed only for the first time setup)
  2. git submodule update (needed only for the first time setup)
  3. run ng serve to start the dev server and keep it running
  4. in other terminal, install the Marketplace module: yarn run install:marketplace (needed only for the first time setup)
  5. and then start it: yarn run start:marketplace
  6. in 3rd terminal, run yarn run start:electron:dev -testnet -opendevtools to start the electron application. Daemon will be updated and launched automatically.
    • note: this command will auto-refresh the client on each saved change
    • -testnet – for running on testnet (omit for running the client on mainnet)
    • -opendevtools – automatically opens Developer Tools on client launch

Interact with particl-core daemon

You can directly interact with the daemon ran by the Electron version.

./particl-cli -testnet getblockchaininfo


Start Electron

  • yarn run start:electron:fast – disables debug messages for faster startup (keep in mind using :fast disables auto-reload of app on code change)

Package Electron

Building for Windows requires the 32-bit libraries to be available.

sudo apt-get install gcc-multilib
sudo apt-get install g++-multilib
  • yarn run package:win – Windows
  • yarn run package:mac – OSX
  • yarn run package:linux – Linux


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