Papyros Shell

🐚 The desktop shell for Papyros, built using QtQuick and QtCompositor as a compositor for Wayland.
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Papyros Shell975
7 years ago77gpl-3.0C++
:shell: The desktop shell for Papyros, built using QtQuick and QtCompositor as a compositor for Wayland.
7 days ago37mitC
A Wayland kiosk
a year ago10mitC
Grab images from a Wayland compositor
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Papyros Shell

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Papyros Shell is the desktop shell for Papyros, an operating system based upon Linux which conforms to Google’s Material Design guidelines. The focus will be on creating a stable and easy-to-use operating system with a heavy emphasis on well-thought-out design.

Brought to you by the Papyros development team.

Implementation Details

The shell is built as a compositor for Wayland using the QtCompositor API and QtQuick. The goal is to develop a convergent shell that adapts to the form factor of the device it is running on, and to also support HIDPI screens.

QtCompositor requires a small C++ wrapper, but the majority of the shell will be implemented in QML and Javascript.


Papyros Shell is a wayland compositor based on QtCompositor, and requires Wayland and Qt 5.4. In addition, will also need the qml-material repo installed as a QML system module.

$ git clone
$ cd qml-material/
$ qmake
$ make
# make install

As well as qml-extras and qml-desktop that can be installed the same way as qml-material

Once you have that set up, run the following commands to compile the C++ wrapper:

$ qmake
$ make

And run the compositor from an X11 desktop:

$ ./papyros-shell -platform xcb


  • Qt 5.4
  • QtWayland 5.4 with QtCompositor (a CONFIG option is required to enable QtCompositor as it is not compiled by default)
  • The GSettings QML module. This is developed for Ubuntu Touch, but is not Ubuntu-specific

If you're using Arch Linux, you can install the required dependencies using these packages from the AUR:

  • qt5-base-git
  • qt5-declarative-git
  • qt5-wayland-dev-git
  • gsettings-qt-bzr


Papyros Shell is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

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