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A super-simple Vagrantfile / to setup a LAMP stack inside Vagrant 100% automatically.

Whaaaaat ?

This is a reduced-to-the-max Vagrant setup file for a quick development stack. It will:

  • setup a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS "Trustry Thar" 64bit box

  • make the box accessable by the host at IP

  • sync the current folder with /var/www/html inside the box

  • automatically perform all the commands in directly after setting up the box for the first time

The will:

  • update, upgrade

  • create a folder inside /var/www/html

  • install apache 2.4, php 5.5, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, git and Composer

  • also setting a pre-chosen password for MySQL and PHPMyAdmin

  • activate mod_rewrite and add AllowOverride All to the vhost settings

You can folder and password inside the for sure.

How to use ?

Put Vagrantfile and inside a folder and do a vagrant up on the command line. This box uses Ubuntu 14.04 LTS "Trustry Thar" 64bit, so if you don't have the basic box already, do a vagrant box add ubuntu/trusty64 before.

Why ?

This is just my personal time-saving bootstrap for Vagrant, it might be useful for you too.

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