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NodeEditor is conceived as a general-purpose Qt-based library aimed at graph-controlled data processing. Nodes represent algorithms with certain inputs and outputs. Connections transfer data from the output (source) of the first node to the input (sink) of the second one.

NodeEditor framework is a Visual Dataflow Programming tool. A library client defines models and registers them in the data model registry. Further work is driven by events taking place in DataModels and Nodes. The model computing is triggered upon arriving of any new input data. The computed result is propagated to the output connections. Each new connection fetches available data and propagates is further.

Each change in the source node is immediately propagated through all the connections updating the whole graph.


  • OSX (Apple Clang - LLVM 3.6), Linux (x64, gcc-7.0, clang-7): Build Status
  • Windows (Win32, x64, msvc2017, MinGW 5.3): Build status


  • Qt >5.2
  • CMake 3.2
  • Catch2

Current state

  • Model-based nodes
  • Automatic data propagation
  • Datatype-aware connections
  • Embedded Qt widgets
  • One-output to many-input connections
  • JSON-based interface styles
  • Saving scenes to JSON files



git clone [email protected]:paceholder/nodeeditor.git
cd nodeeditor
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make -j && make install

Qt Creator

  1. Open CMakeLists.txt as project.
  2. If you don't have the Catch2 library installed, go to Build Settings, disable the checkbox BUILD_TESTING.
  3. Build -> Run CMake
  4. Build -> Build All
  5. Click the button Run


  1. Extend set of examples
  2. GUI: fix scrolling for scene view window scrolling
  3. Implement grouping nodes
  4. Split graph and GUI parts
  5. Build data propagation on top of the graph code


Dmitry Pinaev et al, Qt5 Node Editor, (2017), GitHub repository,


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Youtube video:

Youtube demonstration

Now with styles


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Chigraph is a programming language for beginners that is unique in that it is an intuitive flow graph:

chigraph screenshot

It features easy bindings to C/C++, package management, and a cool interface.

Spkgen particle engine editor

spkgen screenshot

Spkgen is an editor for the SPARK particles engine using a node-based interface to create particles effects for games.

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