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Opinionated microservice kit to help developers to build microservices with go.


A pace/bricks microservice is:

  • built as a docker container
  • deployed into a kubernetes cluster
    • support for the termination log
  • configured using environment variables (TWELVE-FACTOR APP)
  • monitored using prometheus
  • reports errors to sentry
  • samples traces to jaeger
  • logs to stdout using json deployed kubernetes otherwise human readable
  • offers health endpoints
  • connects to backend services
    • postgres (logging, metrics, tracing, health)
    • redis (logging, metrics, tracing, health)
    • s3 (logging, metrics, tracing, health)
    • http (logging, metrics, tracing, retries)
  • provides two commands control and daemon
  • provides a RESTful API
    • code is generated from the OpenAPIv3 spec
    • authenticated via OAuth2
    • encoded using json:api
    • that supports logging, tracing and metrics


go get


pb -h


Read our contributors guide.


  • A working go installation
  • A working git installation


  • Use make test to test without dependencies
  • Use docker-compose run testserver make integration to test with dependencies
  • Use make testserver to start a testserver that will be started with dependencies. In order to update the server one need to docker-compose restart testserver

Environment variables for the pb command

Variable Description
PACE_BRICKS_EDITOR   The path to the editor that should be used for opening a project. Defaults to $EDITOR.
PACE_BRICKS_PATH The path where new project should be created. Defaults to $HOME/PACE.

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